The Details in the Brickwork of the Nine Dome Mosque

Glam rock in Bagerhat

The nine domed mosque can be found less than a half mile away from the tomb of Khan Jahan Ali, the founder of Bagerhat. It is believed to have been built around the same time as all the other mosques in the area.

This small square-shaped mosque has nine low domes on its roof, which is held up by four slender stone columns.  

It has entrances on all sides except for the western facade.

The outside is supported by four large circular turrets on each corner that are ribbed with geometric patterns. The sides of the mosque are brick with framed openings. 

The three mihrabs on the Western wall have fine terracotta detailing and arches.

The mosque is believed to have been built by one of the officers of Khan Jahan Ali. 

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