2021 ArtPop Street Gallery: additional works by artists in Charlotte, NC (Part II)

Additional works by ArtPop Street Gallery 2021 artists.(Part 2)

Ride 'Em Cow Fish (2021-01-01) by Jesse CarkinArtPop Street Gallery

"9 seconds: The average attention span of a goldfish. One second longer than the standard for professional bull riding, and one second longer than the average human attention span. It's why a goldfish was the head of the board of directors in season 2 of The Umbrella Academy. It's why they always win at the rodeo, make such great pets, and why one has personally bested me in a staring contest." -Jesse Carkin

Balloon Friend (2021-01-01) by Jesse CarkinArtPop Street Gallery

"This sketch was an entry for #Doodlinktober hosted by @Leimelendres on Instagram. While others were taking a more literal interpretation and making a friendly balloon animal, or anything else out of a balloon, I decided to strike out against convention and come up with something completely random. This pug is friendly and newly acquainted with the man in the hot air balloon. They became fast friends." -Jesse Carkin

Found There (2021-01-01) by Cristina MontesinosArtPop Street Gallery

"Found There" represents a time where I could not place where I belonged until I realized as I painted, I was where I belonged and exactly where I belonged." -Christina Cobb

Restore to Them (2021-01-01) by Christina CobbArtPop Street Gallery

"Restore to Them" is a piece of surrender. There are times for all of us when every best effort we have has been exhausted and we have reached that point of either surrendering to what is out of our control (but very securely and lavishly in our Maker's hands) or we can despair. I chose to hold fast to hope and rest in the washing of surrender for renewing and restoring all that I could not." -Christina Cobb

All is Well (2021-01-01) by Christina CobbArtPop Street Gallery

"All is Well" was a meditative piece with the mantra, "all is well and all will be well" recited throughout in the process of moving forward with contentment with what would be for me. It allowed me to take one more step into letting go, putting down and moving on." -Christina Cobb

Downtown Chinatown (2020-01-01) by Katherine HeiligArtPop Street Gallery

reduction block print, 5x7, Downtown Chinatown

Imagined Dream (2021-01-01) by Cat BabbieArtPop Street Gallery

"Imagined Dream is a piece inspired by the aurora borealis. This particular piece is the connection between my skyscapes and future abstract works. It marries studying the sky to my love of complex colors. This piece is a reminder to not give up on our dreams, to reach for our best selves whenever we can.
This tufted work begins with dying wool yarn. Custom dyeing the yarn for each piece is as important as mixing colors is for a painter. The techniques I have developed allow for variations within each dye pot. These subtleties bolster the textural aspect of the work, adding depth that can’t be replicated with commercially dyed yarns. I use a yarn-fed power tool called a tufting gun to push the yarn through tightly-stretched fabric." -Cat Babbie

Laid Back at Shell (Hollywood, FL) (2021-01-01) by Dylan BannisterArtPop Street Gallery

"Payphones on Film series. With these images, I aim to find and document as many remaining public telephones as I can find on 35mm film. As each payphone has its own history, character, and surrounding atmosphere, I consider this a series of portraits. As an added bonus, finding these leftover public fixtures of the past doubles as a sort of scavenger hunt, making the process equally as rewarding as the processing the final image." - Dylan Bannister

Appreciated at With Newspaper Stand at Citgo (Weaverville, NC) (2021-01-01) by Dylan BannisterArtPop Street Gallery

From the Payphones on Film series, by Dylan Bannister

Fading Sun (2021-01-01) by Aletha BuckArtPop Street Gallery

Fading Sun, dancer at sunset by Aletha Buck

Stillness (2021-01-01) by Aletha BuckArtPop Street Gallery

Stillness, by Aletha Buck

Shadows Dancing (2021-01-01) by Aletha BuckArtPop Street Gallery

Shadows Dancing by Aletha Buck

The Bear (2021-01-01) by Adam JochimArtPop Street Gallery

"The Bear" Part of an ongoing series of masks, while the first was an interpretation of a plague doctor mask I turned the process in a playful direction. I began by exploring the flexibility and durability of the material which is Fumed Red Gum. The thin veneer strips can be manipulated into a variety of curves and twists. The animals began as a short departure from the basic frame of the original piece. As I would build upon the frames a gestural interpretation of a desired animal emerged." -Adam Joachim

Aardvark (2021-01-01) by Adam JochimArtPop Street Gallery

"The Aardvark" Part of an ongoing series of masks made of fumed red gum. -Adam Joachim

Crabs (2021-01-01) by Ella MackinsonArtPop Street Gallery

"This piece shows steamed blue crabs which is a meal my family cooks every summer when we visit our home on the Pamlico River in Aurora, North Carolina. All the cooked crabs are piled up into one tray for the family to eat. I was drawn to the chaos and angles created when all the crabs are piled together. It creates a dynamic composition that draws the eye all around the painting." -Ella Mackinson

Backyard Blueberries (2021-01-01) by Ella MackinsonArtPop Street Gallery

"This piece depicts my sister picking blueberries that grow in our backyard every year. I was mainly drawn to paint this because of the dappled sunlight shining on the figure's arm which creates a delicate and soft feeling. The repetition of the leaves and the blueberries symbolize the harvest that comes and goes every year." -Ella Mackinson

Carolina Corner (2021-01-01) by Ella MackinsonArtPop Street Gallery

"This piece depicts an intersection in rural South Carolina next to an auto shop. This type of corner can be found everywhere in the South and can bring familiarity and nostalgia to anyone that sees it. The golden cloud high up behind the trees contrasts greatly with the man-made shop sign and telephone pole wires. The construction cones showcase the continuing change and development of the South and the progress made to better the region." -Ella Mackinson

Untitled (2021-01-01) by Robb WebbArtPop Street Gallery

Untitled photograph- dancer by Robb Webb

Untitled (2021-01-01) by Robb WebbArtPop Street Gallery

Untitled Photograph- lighthouse and people by Robb Webb

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