The art of sports photography: “Attitude”

By The Olympic Museum

The Olympic Museum

Selection of photographs from the “My DIY sports venue” competition. Images created by the participants from 15 countries, all highly inspired by sport and photography to depict a sporting activity, however improvised, using whatever was around, the sheer refreshing pleasure of playing!

See Salt and Sun (2017) by ©Jean_christophe.laurentThe Olympic Museum

See Salt and Sun
See Salt and Sun

Lining up (2017) by ©BSPThe Olympic Museum

Lining up

In at the deep end (2017) by ©ZakmichelThe Olympic Museum

In at the deep end
Arrivé à bon port

Emergency exit by ©NanoujThe Olympic Museum

Emergency exit
Sortie de secours

Under pressure (2017) by ©Gruet FlorianThe Olympic Museum

Under pressure

Upside down (2017) by ©LeaduvalThe Olympic Museum

Upside down
Upside down

Head in the clouds (2017) by ©Sp@rkleThe Olympic Museum

Head in the clouds
Tête en l’air

Game over (2017) by ©Jean_christophe.laurentThe Olympic Museum

Game over
Game over

Field of dreams (2017) by ©Argine.The Olympic Museum

Field of dreams
Graines de champions

The white stripes (2017) by ©Sebastien NavosadThe Olympic Museum

The white stripes
Bande à part

I believe I can fly! (2017) by ©L'orée des boisThe Olympic Museum

I believe I can fly!
I believe I can fly!

Basketball waltz (2017) by ©L'orée des boisThe Olympic Museum

Basketball waltz
Basket à trois temps

Flipbook (2017) by ©Jim hollanderThe Olympic Museum

Flip book

Running for peace (2017) by ©Bernard BThe Olympic Museum

Running for peace
Courir pour la paix

Suspended motion (2017) by ©Damien lorekThe Olympic Museum

Suspended motion
En suspension

12.20 (2017) by ©Stephane.massetThe Olympic Museum

Midi et quart

Running jump (2017) by ©Sebastien NavosadThe Olympic Museum

Running jump
Saute qui peut

Cloud singer (2017) by ©AlmabibolottiThe Olympic Museum

Cloud singer
Chant magnétique

Double-take (2017) by ©BouwebrouwerThe Olympic Museum

Double jeu

Statues (2017) by ©P.olThe Olympic Museum

1… 2… 3… soleil !

Hand spinner (2017) by ©L'orée des boisThe Olympic Museum

Hand spinner
Pirouette cacahuète

A new lease of life (2017) by ©Cathy PainThe Olympic Museum

A new lease of life
Cure de jouvence

Credits: All media
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