"Hangungdo" Painted Folding Screen (Chinese Palace)

A dream for the people of the Joseon Dynasty

By National Palace Museum of Korea

Imaginary Painting of Chinese Palaces on Ten-panel Folding Screen (19th century~Early 20th century)National Palace Museum of Korea

This "hangungdo" is a painting of a luxurious Chinese palace and its surroundings, as its name implies in Korean.

The world of a "hangungdo" is filled with things that do not exist in reality.In the painting, some scholars are having a friendly conversation while they sit in a Chinese pavilion.

There is a beautiful collection of objects and beautiful women inside the luxurious house. Cranes and deer are playing in the garden.

Chinese clothes and objects appear in this "hangungdo," adding to its fantastical feel.

The exotic brush strokes in this "hangungdo" depict the Chinese literati and their rich and comfortable lifestyle.

"Hangungdo" paintings represented something that the people of the Joseon Dynasty aspired to, and they were a popular decorative piece for palaces.

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Kyungjee Park, National Palace Museum of Korea

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