Tsugaru Kanayama-yaki

Tsugaru Kanayama-yakiAomori’s Traditional Handicrafts

Pottery Made without Glaze

Tsugaru Kanayama-yaki pottery is fired at 1300 degrees without using glaze in a process known as “yakishime.” The firing is adjusted to create various textures, resulting in a pottery possessing depth and character.

Tsugaru Kanayama-yakiAomori’s Traditional Handicrafts

Produced with Tsugaru Clay

The high-quality clay used for Tsugaru Kanayama-yaki pottery is gathered from the bottom of Kanayama Otameike pond in Aomori's Goshogawara City. Patterns are created without the use of glaze, and instead are crafted by the kiln’s flame and ash.

Tsugaru Kanayama-yakiAomori’s Traditional Handicrafts

Fired with Japanese Red Pine

The fuel used in the kiln is Aomori red pine firewood which has withstood the harsh winds and snow of the region. The pieces are fired at 1300 degrees C using a method called “yakishime,” resulting in pottery with depth and character.

Tsugaru Kanayama-yakiAomori’s Traditional Handicrafts

Your Very Own Cup

This is a Tsugaru Kanayama-yaki coffee cup. Because various textures are created through variances in the firing process, each piece is one of a kind and unique.

Tsugaru Kanayama-yakiAomori’s Traditional Handicrafts

Kanayama-yaki Pottery and Tsugaru Lacquer Ware Collaboration

A goldfish design applied using a Tsugaru lacquer ware technique on a Tsugaru Kanayama-yaki sake cup. A new product created through the collaboration of Tsugaru artists.

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