A Virtual Ukrainian Road Trip Through Forests

Discover Ukrainian nature through the secret forest trip

Vyzhnytskyi National Nature ParkCFC Big Ideas in association with the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy

Hop in the car: we are going on a virtual road trip through the hidden trails of the Ukrainian forests.

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Zacharovanyi Krai, or Enchanted Land, National Nature Park includes more than 6,000 hectares of wooded territories on the Eastern Carpathians foothills.

Ancient and primeval beech forests make up almost all of the park’s land. 

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In the large wooden areas of Skole Beskid’s, Ukrainian Carpathians, you can find beech that is more than hundred years old, spruce, and fir forests. Its rich flora contains 632 types of plants, more than 50 of which are included in Ukraine's Red Book of rare species.

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In Vyzhnytsia Nature Park, you should look for everything Carpathian: rich forests of fir and beech, Cheremosh and Siret rivers, landscapes, mountains, rocks, and outcrops. Crocuses, snowdrops, and rare types of orchids are only some of the 960 plant species found in local lands.

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If you want to see untouched Carpathian nature, lots of mountain landscapes, dense ancient spruce woods with cedar pines that are at least 120 years old, then Cheremosh National Nature Park is the place to visit.

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Nature in Hutsulshchyna National Park is dominated by forests with primeval and ancient areas. Kosiv province, where the park is found, is another big center for the Hutsul culture, famous for authentic crafts, such as locally-made ceramics, carved wooden pieces, and embroidery.

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Like many Carpathian areas, the Carpathian National Park is covered with thousands of hectares of ancient forests. Carpathian Park is also rich in different waters, having five waterfalls and two high-mountain lakes.

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Holosiivsky Park is the only national park in Ukraine surrounded by an urban area. Holosiivsky contains 11 thousand hectares of woods with forest beeches, 500 year-old oaks, and swamps. 24 plants and 36 animal species included in the Red Book of Ukraine live in the park.

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Mezynskyi National Nature Park is located in forests and floodplain areas of Desna River in the Chernihiv region. Mezynskyi contains eight nature reserves, which speaks for its variety of views, as well as its rich plant and animal world.

Derman-Ostroh National Nature ParkCFC Big Ideas in association with the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy

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Derman-Ostroh Park has a diversity of trees among which are oaks, hornbeams, ash trees, pines, black alders, beeches, and spruces. Overall, it is inhabited by more than one thousand plant species and eight hundred animal species.

The park offers more than a hundred kilometers of routes to explore. While walking through forests, you can observe some natural places of interest, such as Zinkiv stone, whose history is covered with local legends.

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Kremenets Mountains Nature Park offers eight eco-ways of 23 kilometers, as well as two hundred kilometers of bike routes. On the way you may observe the local nature, which includes 55 rare animal species that belong to the Red Book of Ukraine and 22 kinds of orchids.

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