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The Miss and Mister National Gallery award ceremony

By La Galleria Nazionale

Museum Beauty Contest: Gran Finale (2016-10/2017-05) by Paco CaoLa Galleria Nazionale

The Grand Finale

60 Masterpieces, about 15,000 votes and only two winners. An entire stage in an enchanting Museum setting. All to donate the golden apple to the most beautiful, citing the beauty contest organised by Zeus to choose between Hera, Athena and Aphrodite.

Ritratto di Giuseppe Verdi (1886) by Giovanni BoldiniLa Galleria Nazionale

Mister Gallery

Giuseppe Verdi wins the contest and refuses the prize, declaring it a joke and hands it to the more striking Giuseppe Nudo, under the imperious sound of the Requiem.

Nudo Accademico (1810) by Artista sconosciutoLa Galleria Nazionale

A figure much more suited to the title thanks to the curviness and geometric perfection of his body and posture, and the sensuality of the flowing curls that caress his shoulders.

Sogni (1896) by Vittorio CorcosLa Galleria Nazionale

Miss Gallery

The title of Miss Gallery is instead awarded to Maria Sogni, by Corcos, to friends known as Elena Vecchi, who with ease and elegance poses for the painter Vittorio Corcos, friend of her father, and who stares at the viewer with conviction, as if she were piercing a photographic lens.

A portrait capable of enchanting any viewer, as confirmed by the contest.

Ritratto del Principe Aleksandr Ivanovic Barjatinskij (1837) by Horace VernetLa Galleria Nazionale

Honorable mentions

The Mister Elegance award goes to Prince Aleksandr Ivanovic Barjatinskij (Horace Vernet, Ritratto del Principe Barjatinskij (Portrait of Prince Barjatinskij), 1837);

Autoritratto (1936) by Albert FrisciaLa Galleria Nazionale

Mister Congeniality

Mister Congeniality is won by Giuseppe Uomo (Albert Friscia, Ritratto d’uomo (Portrait of a man), 1936);

Polymnia (1909) by John LaveryLa Galleria Nazionale

MIss Elegance

Miss Elegance goes to Maria Polymnia (John Lavery, Polymnia, 1909);

Veli rosa (1921) by Giacomo BallaLa Galleria Nazionale

Miss Congeniality

Miss Congeniality is won by Luce Balla (Giacomo Balla, Veli rosa. Ritratto di luce (Pink veils. Portrait of Light), 1921).

Exhibition view, Museum Beauty Contest (2016-10/2017-05) by Paco CaoLa Galleria Nazionale

The portraits exhibition

However the final did not only serve to decree the winners of the contest: the presenters, the artist Paco Cao and the director Cristiana Collu conducted a real show full of suspense and twists that served to inaugurate an exhibition of all the portraits involved, which began on 10 October 2016 and ended on 1 May 2017

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Written by Marina Pietrocola.

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