Antonio da Correggio: 5 works

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The Holy Night (1522 - 1530) by CorreggioOld Masters Picture Gallery, Dresden State Art Museums

'Correggio's "Holy Night" was already a famous painting when it was purchased by August III in 1746, together with the hundred masterworks from the d'Este collection in Modena.'

Virgin and Child with an Angel (Madonna del Latte) (ca. 1522–1525) by CorreggioMuseum of Fine Arts, Budapest

'No craftsman ever painted with greater delicacy, such was the softness of his flesh painting, and such the grace with which he finished his works' wrote Giorgio Vasari, in his chronicle Lives of the Artists, of Correggio.'

Leda and the Swan (around 1532) by Antonio Allegri da CorreggioGemäldegalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

'Correggio painted the commonest of the various versions of the ancient myth: Jupiter approached Leda on the banks of the river Eurota in the guise of a swan and seduced her.'

The Abduction of Ganymede (1520/1540) by Antonio Allegri, called CorreggioKunsthistorisches Museum Wien

'Correggio visually anchored the group on all sides: the eagle's wings are cropped, the tree on the left "supports" Ganymede from below, and the youth's delicate leg "rests" on a range of gentle hills in the background.'

Jupiter and Io (1520/1540) by Antonio Allegri, called CorreggioKunsthistorisches Museum Wien

'(Ps. 42:1.)Correggio's ability to combine a mystical depiction of nature with the classical figural ideal and the expression of sublime emotion made especially his later works important forerunners of Baroque artistic principles.'

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