Meet 10 incredible women from Beijing

By WOW - Women of the World Foundation

Welcome to Beijing!

Ahead of a full festival, WOW Beijing has begun holding WOW Think Ins to help discover what people want to see as part of a WOW festival in the city.

Curated in partnership by China Dream Live Entertainment Co. Ltd, this exhibition gives a taste of some of the trailblazing speakers who might be part of the first ever festival in China’s capital city.

Climate Change: Zhimin Zhang (2020) by Liao LuluWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Zhimin Zhang

Zhang gave up her life as a "golden collar" international trade professional, and came to the suburbs of Beijing to become a farmer. Never using pesticides and fertilizers, in 20 years, she turned a piece of barren land into fertile soil and a self-circulating biodiversity farm.

"Agriculture is a way of life that everyone needs to live. Agriculture is an art of cooperation between man and nature, which nourishes life with life. As long as we know the art of cooperation with the nature, the nature will give us healthy and delicious food." 

Peace and Justice: Ying Li (2020) by Liao LuluWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Ying Li

Ying Li is a member of the Chinese Law Society, director of the Marriage and Family Law Research Association of the Chinese Law Society, and deputy director of Beijing Zhenbang Law Firm. Li has handled more than 500 cases involving family, domestic violence, and sexual assault.

"As an advocate and practitioner of gender equality, "peace and justice" in my eyes is to eliminate gender violence and achieve gender equality... I will continue to promote the improvement of laws to eliminate gender-based violence and provide stronger support to victims."

Identity: Naying Ren (2020) by Liao LuluWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Naying Ren

Oxford graduate Naying Ren is currently the Project Development Director of Beijing LGBT Center. She is also the founder of the queer feminist drama project "Vagina Project". Ren has long been committed to promoting feminism and equal rights for LGBTQ+ groups.

"I hope that people are honest and warmhearted towards the identity and love to themselves and for each other. Discrimination and violence based on identity, especially on gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation and sexuality characteristics, are still prominent!"

Leadership, Power and Politics: Yajun Sun (2020) by Liao LuluWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Yajun Sun

Editor-in-Chief of "Fashion Health" magazine, Executive Publisher, and General Manager of Industry Media of Fashion Group, the leading fashion magazine publisher in China. She launched a series of public welfare activities to promote the trend of healthy life for Chinese women.

"In 2003, as a media advocate, I took the lead in introducing the Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Prevention Campaign to China, hoping to change women's awareness of their body, health and the disease through public welfare campaigns. 

Health: Xiaohong Ning (2020) by Liao LuluWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Xiaohong Ning

Professor from Peking Union Medical College Hospital and a leader in palliative medical care in China. Always committed to promoting the concept and practice of palliative care. In 2017, the Global Times praised her as a “honored medical doctor who cares for lives.”

"Hospice Palliative Care is a medical discipline that helps critically ill and terminal patients reach the end of life and pursue the quality of life. It is about human autonomy and dignity, and is an indispensable part of the whole lifecycle care."

Education: Jinhua Shen (2020) by Liao LuluWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Jinhua Shen

The Director of the Future Learning Center with 16 years of experience in the field of children's education. She uses diversified educational resources and methods to open up new paths for migrant children's education, and provided diversified educational opportunities.

"I am well aware that the fairness of education is something that requires long-term efforts. We use the model of community Future Learning Center to explore how to integrate people and social resources to create a path and atmosphere of "lifelong learning" for migrant children"

Finance and Economy: Qian Liu (2020) by Liao LuluWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Qian Liu

Qian Liu is a Doctor of Economics, President of the Economist Group in Greater China, and a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum. As an outstanding advocate of gender equality in China, Liu took the lead in introducing global cutting-edge gender economics research.

“I like women’s issues. I have witnessed and experienced many stories that are more dramatic than a drama script. I hope to focus more on education, employment and gender issues from the perspective of economics. Gender equality is not only beneficial to women, but also to men."

Conflict: Xianzi (2020) by Liao LuluWOW - Women of the World Foundation


Xianzi is a #MeToo litigant and an advocate for women’s rights. She stood up in the #MeToo wave in 2018 and shared her experience and became litigant of two lawsuits, and therefore began the process of fighting for her dignity.

"Women have long suffered from gender-based violence and inequality in social structure. However, it was not until we decided to resist that women’s pain was truly seen, and conflicts broken out. The emergence of conflict means the possibility of change."

Cultural Life, Arts and Expression: Lu Huang (2020) by Liao LuluWOW - Women of the World Foundation

Lu Huang

Actress and producer called the "Queen of Art Films", the only generation-Y Chinese actress who has starred in works selected by all three major international film festivals in Europe. She always dares to challenge complex and diverse roles, breaking through herself constantly.

"All my roles revolved around the proposition of "being woman". I can always see a kind of tenacious strength in the women characters I played. Their beauty is about resilience and giving voice. As an actress, I'm very lucky to meet them."

Domestic Life: Yinuo (2020) by Liao LuluWOW - Women of the World Foundation


In the process of fighting for her own legal rights in marriage, Yinuo realized all the difficulties women face in defending their rights in divorce. She began to volunteer in public welfare organizations, providing advice and assistance to women in divorce proceedings.

"In order to protect my legitimate rights in marriage, I started a journey of fighting for my rights. With my own experience, I appeal for the improvement of legislation to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of female children." 

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