Cally Spooner

- the erosion of “that which lives” -

On False Tears & Outsourcing - Financiers are training to produce tears (2015) by Cally SpoonerTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Cally Spooner’s practice

 is deliberately trans-disciplinary, rooted in her academic training in neo materialist, social and political philosophy. Manifesting as figurations of objects, text, sound, live bodies, and technologies the artist embodies and embeds philosophy physically and acoustically through exhibition and performance making.

Bedtime Beats (2016) by Cally SpoonerTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Thematically, her works reflect on — and often re-stage —  the erosion of ‘that which lives’ in neo-liberal and techno-capitalist milieus.

On False Tears And Outsourcing (2016) by Cally SpoonerTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Spooner’s ongoing consideration of corporate performance and chrono-normative history alike asks how these two dominant forces become destructive to the complexities of life, voice, as well as to the mobility of concepts and ideas.


In response, she develops multiduous artworks that grapple with duration, maintenance, rehearsal and endurance to speak of processes of ‘ongoingness’; continual subjective and societal negotiations which are never complete, the practicing of which could therefore build resilience to the 'spike and dip' logic of advanced capitalism's 'perform or else' rubric.

Early Research: Method (2018) by Cally SpoonerTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Self Tracking (the five stages of grief) (2016) by Cally SpoonerTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Cally Spooner (1983, UK) is a writer and artist living and working in Athens and London.

By all accounts this was a very ordinary man (2018) by Cally SpoonerTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Her most recent institutional solo exhibitions include The Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva (2018), The New Museum, New York and The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (in 2016) and Vleeshal, Middleburg (2015).

And you were wonderful, On Stage (2013/2015) by Cally SpoonerTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

By all accounts this was a very ordinary man (2018) by Cally SpoonerTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

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This virtual exhibition was brought together with Zero...Gallery on the occasion of the Exhibition “Cally Spooner” visitable from the 26.10.2018 to the 22.12.2018. Discover more here.

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