Celebrate Native American Indigenous Heritage Month

Celebrate the cultural achievements and contributions of Native American Indigenous artists.

Take a look at Native American Indigenous art and Heritage at The Met through a diverse range of objects, perspectives, and history.

Yup'ik Mask (1900)The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Yup'ik Mask

Near the center of the boat, the face of a humanoid seal spirit emerges, with an unidentified spirit visage above. Fish and flippers surround the vessel, representing the supernatural animals that slip through the thumbless spirit hands and into the physical world to be hunted.

Conserving a Yup'ik Mask

Objects Conservator Caitlin Mahony consults with Chuna McIntyre, a Yup'ik dancer, on her approach to the conservation.

Socorro black-on-white storage jar (ca. 1050 - 1100)The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Socorro black-on-white storage jar

The abstract pictorial painting on this water vessel was developed by ancestral Puebloan potters in the Southwest in the late first millennium. 

Socorro black-on-white storage jar (ca. 1050 - 1100)The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Audio Guide Socorro Blck-on-White Storage Jar

"This jar was not just functional. The interlocking shapes on its surface had deep meaning for the people who created it – and the power of these symbols endures for their descendants today."

Met Stories Jodi (2020)The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Met Stories | Being Seen

Jodi Archambault, artist and former policy advisor to President Obama, speaks about how the display of Native American art in museums affects how visible she feels as an Indigenous woman in America.

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