Collection Highlights in 3D

The CMA has created sophisticated 3D models of many beloved collection objects using a process called photogrammetry

Photogrammetry Process (2019-07-26) by The Cleveland Museum of ArtThe Cleveland Museum of Art

Photogrammetry can be understood as a way to visually represent real-world objects in a manner that combines photographic imaging with the metrics of scale. The CMA’s Digital Innovation team led the implementation of photogrammetry to create 3D models of objects. 

Photogrammetry Process Alternate Angle (2019-07-26) by The Cleveland Museum of ArtThe Cleveland Museum of Art

This is no simple task; it represents true innovation in the museum field. This series of models features numerous objects that were challenging to capture using photogrammetry due to their reflective materiality and intricate details.

Black-Figure Neck-Amphora (Storage Vessel): Herakles and Nemean Lion (A); Dionysos, Satyrs, and Maenads (B) (515–510 BCE) by Painter of Berlin 1899 (Greek, Attic)The Cleveland Museum of Art

The Black-Figure Neck-Amphora

This one of the most popular vase shapes in Archaic Athens. It provided painters with ample space for figural and ornamental decoration. Herakles, the greatest of Greek heroes, performs his most famous deed on the obverse, wrestling the Nemean lion. Explore in 3D.

Nataraja, Shiva as the Lord of Dance (1000s)The Cleveland Museum of Art


A highly celebrated sculptural form in Indian art, this bronze depiction of Shiva is rich with detail and symbolism. From the flame cupped in his left hand, to the positioning of his lower left hand.  Explore in 3D.

Statuette of a Woman: "The Stargazer" (c. 3000 BCE)The Cleveland Museum of Art

The Stargazer

This marble sculpture is a beloved visitor favorite. Dating to 3000 BC, it is one of the oldest objects in the CMA’s collection. The enigma of its original purpose and the figure’s subtle features have captured the attention of many museumgoers. Explore in 3D.

Armor for Man and Horse with Völs-Colonna Arms (c. 1575)The Cleveland Museum of Art

Armor for Man and Horse

A knight and horse ride through the center of the armor court at the museum. If you want to get really close, zoom in on the 3-D model to see the ornate etched decoration, including the seven appearances of the coat of arms. Explore in 3D.

Pair of Guardian Kings (Niō) (1200s)The Cleveland Museum of Art

Pair of Guardian Kings

These carved wooden sculptures would have stood guard on either side of a temple entrance. They symbolize life and death, respectively. Explore these protectors side by side in 3D.

Covered Tureen on Stand (Pot-à-oille) (1735–38) by Juste-Aurèle Meissonnier (French, 1695–1750), Pierre-François Bonnestrenne (French), and Henry Adnet (French, 1745)The Cleveland Museum of Art

Covered Tureen on Stand (Pot-à-oille)

 This tureen exemplifies the French rococo style, an artistic movement celebrating naturalistic forms that developed in Paris during the early 1700s.  The langoustine, pigeon, and vegetables were cast using real examples. Explore in 3D.

ArtLens Exhibition: Wade Cup (2019-07-19) by The Cleveland Museum of ArtThe Cleveland Museum of Art

Aside from being innovative, these 3D models play an important role in the latest iteration of ArtLens Exhibition, an experiential gallery that uses innovative technology to facilitate conversation with masterpieces of art, encouraging engagement on a personal, emotional level.

CWRU Open Access Recreation of the Birth of Venus (2019-01-01) by The Cleveland Museum of ArtThe Cleveland Museum of Art

The models are also a critical part of CMA's Open Access initiative, allowing users to remix and reuse tens of thousands of artworks in CMA's collection however they see fit. In addition to images, users can download the 3D models for designated artworks to create something new.

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