Conserving bread

Bread in rural France from the start of the 20th century

Fabrication des "girades" (pains de froment)] dans la famille Rousset. (1946)Mucem

In the first half of the 20th century, bread was rarely made every day. It depended on the number of mouths to feed and the availability of wheat and other grain.

Ferme sur la route de Bracieux. Le petit-fils de la fermière porte le pain fabriqué par les fermiersMucem

Bread, the staple food

Depending on the region, bread would be made once a week, twice a month or sometimes, once a year.

Echelle à pains de la ferme Saint-RomainMucem

Bread storage containers

As a result, bread storage became an important issue, especially given that it was the staple food of French people at the time. There was a huge variety in bread storage containers depending on the region up until the arrival of the first boulangeries in the mid-20th century.

Salle commune : réserve de pain sur l'étagère suspendue aux poutresMucem

Bread rack

At a fixed height, a loaf is placed on the shelf of each compartment.

Casiers à pains dits "chevilliers"Mucem

Bread cabinets


The panetière

The most impressive of these containers is the panetière that was mainly found in Provence.

Panetière chez M. Gagnaire.Mucem

It would be hung on the wall, was barred with a door in the center that often had a lock attached, and was designed so the loaf could be placed inside the container, protecting it from both mice and thieves.

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