Did Our Ancestors Have Professions?

Take our mini-quiz and find out

Grotte Chauvet - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Did the members of a group of Aurignacians have trades? (2019/2019) by Fanny Le BagousseGrotte Chauvet - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Do you think our ancestors…

A. Excelled in some specific tasks or B. All shared the same skillset

The correct answer is...

A. Excelled  in some specific tasks

Just like today, our ancestors had specialized tasks. We know that the men and women did not perform  the same activities, but they all played their part in the group's life and contributed to its survival. 

 Some of them must have excelled in making stone tools, others in hunting, and others in gathering plants and minerals. Perhaps some of them were gifted artists, too? 

Did our ancestors live in the same place all year round? (2019/2019) by Fanny Le BagousseGrotte Chauvet - UNESCO World Heritage Site

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