Discover a Virtual Gallery in Your Pocket

Wander gallery rooms and see some of the world's best art all from inside your own home

By Google Arts & Culture

Step Inside a Coffee Table Art Gallery

Google Arts and Culture's Pocket Gallery feature lets you place an entire gallery onto your coffee table and wander round it in virtual space. Here's how to step inside.

Make sure you've downloaded the Arts and Culture app from the app store. Jump in and press the camera icon, then select 'Pocket Gallery' from the list of camera functions.

Make sure to give the app access to your phone's camera, then point your phone at a flat surface such as a coffee table. Move your phone in a circle to scan the surface and get ready to place your gallery in the space.

Choose from specially designed gallery spaces housing bespoke, curated exhibitions of some of the world's best art. Here you can explore the Art of Color on your coffee table!

Once you've clicked on your chosen gallery, it'll appear on your screen, projected into the space in front of you! Step into the front door, then scroll down on the screen to drag yourself forward, or manually move your phone around, to explore and discover.

You can stroll and survey the works, get up close and then step back, view details from any angle, and read the captions which guide you through the space, exactly as you would at the LACMA or Tate Modern. 

When you step near to a particular work, its title and the artist's name will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap this new tab to deep-dive into more info on each particular work, getting insight straight from the experts at the real-life institution which has (virtually) lent the painting to your personal gallery.

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