Eva Marisaldi, Unveiling The Realities

The poetry of everyday life

By La Galleria Nazionale

Glicine (1997) by Eva MarisaldiLa Galleria Nazionale

Multiform language

Eva Marisaldi was born in Bologna in 1966, where she lives and works. Since her debut, the artist attracted the attention of critics for her multifaceted research that follows the languages of the various experimented media. Her works are inspired by reality and focus on the hidden aspects of our everyday life.

Photographs, actions, performances, videos, animations, installations alternating with more traditional and artisanal techniques such as drawing and embroidery, transport us to other dimensions, where everything can happen and everything remains suspended.

Mandatory paths

Eva Marisaldi starts each time from the environmental data to build a path structured on a physical and/or linguistic level, creating exhibitions in which the artist appears to accompany the viewer in observing the work, suggesting choices or limiting them with obstacles.

This way the theme of the methods through which power functions, the dichotomy between freedom and obligation, the inevitability of choice and the analysis of social and civil repercussions that all this entails, are transposed from the plane of contents to the formal one of the work.

The poetry of everyday life

Eva Marisaldi's work is centred on the relationship with people, identified as opposition and antidote to mistrust and the will to include reality in her art, thus elevating it to a poetic act.

Each of her works is a gesture of attention to the surrounding world, an act of care for a sensitive subject, the human being and its fragility. A search that becomes more and more current in contemporary reality.

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