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Present-day Portrait of Hendrick ter Brugghen by Jörg SchwarzenbachAlte Pinakothek, Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen

Hendrick ter Brugghen

Ter Brugghen was born the son of a senior civil servant in either The Hague or Utrecht. In Utrecht, he was a student of Abraham Bloemaert. The dates and stages of his journey to Italy are not documented; it is believed that he spent time in, among others, Rome, Naples and northern Italy. In the summer of 1614, he was verifiably in Milan, together with two fellow painters who were on their way home to the Netherlands. Ter Brugghen’s earliest extant painting was executed in Utrecht in 1616. That same year, he is already listed as a member of the Guild of St Luke and married Jacoba Verbeek. He lived in Utrecht until his death, with the exception of the years 1619 to 1621, during which he presumably made a second trip to Italy.

The Repentant Peter (1616) by Hendrick ter BrugghenCentraal Museum

The calling of Saint Matthew (1621) by Hendrick ter BrugghenCentraal Museum

David Praised by the Israelite Women (1623) by Hendrick Ter BrugghenNorth Carolina Museum of Art

De ongelovige Thomas (ca. 1622) by Brugghen, Hendrick terRijksmuseum

The Gamblers (1623) by Hendrick ter BrugghenOriginal Source: https://new.artsmia.org/

The Liberation of Peter (1624) by Brugghen, Hendrick terMauritshuis

The Crucifixion with the Virgin and Saint John (ca. 1624–25) by Hendrick ter BrugghenThe Metropolitan Museum of Art

St Sebastian Tended by Irene (1625) by Hendrick ter BrugghenOriginal Source: Oberlin, Allen Memorial Art Museum

The Rich Man and the Poor Lazarus (1625) by Hendrick ter BrugghenCentraal Museum

The Mocking of Christ (around 1625) by Hendrick ter BrugghenOriginal Source: https://mba.rennes.fr/

The Merry Drinker (1625) by Hendrick ter BrugghenCentraal Museum

The Concert (about 1626) by Hendrick ter BrugghenThe National Gallery, London

Liberation of St. Peter (1629/1629) by Hendrick ter BrugghenGallery of Old and New Masters, Staatliches Museum Schwerin / Ludwigslust / Güstrow

The Annunciation (1629) by Hendrick ter BrugghenOriginal Source: http://www.vsmad.be/Stadsmuseum_De_Hofstadt.html

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