Hohner Clavinet C

An Early Red-White Version of the Funkiest Instrument Ever—EBOARDMUSEUM's Special Edition With Burn Marks


Hohner Clavinet C

Hohner Clavinet C, Ernst Zacharias, Matthias Hohner AG, Ab 1964, From the collection of: EBOARDMUSEUM
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In its approximately 20-year production lifespan from 1964, the Hohner Clavinet range was relatively straightforward:

Clavinet 1 is the first-born. Very early copies are even missing its namesake 1.
Clavinet 2 is in-keeping with the Clavinet 1 but does away with the integrated speaker
Clavinet C has an unmistakable design with its red bottom table and white top cover
Clavinet L has an asymmetric console and a keyboard in inverse colors
Clavinet D6 was the global mega-seller
Clavinet E7 has the elegant black design of most later Hohner electronic products
Clavinet Pianet Duo, also occasionally called the Pianet Clavinet Duo, combines both global successes the Clavinet and the Pianet into one instrument

Out of all these, the Clavinet C takes on a special role. Thanks to Stevie Wonder, this new wiry and unbelievable funky sound was experienced worldwide. Even if Stevie later changed over to the Clavinet D6, he defined the new standard for playing and sound with his Clavinet C.

Hohner Clavinet C - Detail (ab 1964) by Ernst Zacharias, Matthias Hohner AGEBOARDMUSEUM

Traces of Chain Smoking

Since Stevie Wonder doesn’t smoke as far as we know, we CAN’T claim that this copy in the EBOARDMUSEUM was owned by him. :-)

Hohner Clavinet C - Musikbeispiel (Stevie Wonder) (1970) by Stevie WonderEBOARDMUSEUM

Hohner Clavinet C: Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder in Brazil, 1970

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