How to Use Google Books for Public Research

Explore the digitized documents from the California court briefs and records collection

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Today, digitization makes books and documents that might not have been accessible to many members of the public available through the internet. Here's how digitized books can be used for public research through the California briefs and records collection.

Witold Pilecki during his trial at the Military Regional Court (1948-03)Original Source: The National Digital Archives

Find documents of court cases

You can gain public access to many court briefs and records online. A project in collaboration with the LA Law Library and the LLMC has been working on digitizing millions of pages of court briefs from over 150 years that you can now access!

Genealogy (1353) by UnknownThe J. Paul Getty Museum

Family research

Do you want to know what happened during that family divorce case? Or would you like to know more about that relative who was involved in a criminal matter? You can find out more about your family history through digitized documents online.

Simone Veil (1974-12-13) by KeystoneGetty Images

Information for non-lawyers

Are you trying to represent yourself on appeal and need to see how it’s done? California briefs and records collection provides free samples that includes nearly every area of the law, from the Table of Authorities to the Standard of Review and the Argument and Conclusion.

Celebrity Look AlikesLIFE Photo Collection

Celebrity research

California’s legal history is also rich with information about actors, politicians, and other famous individuals. Now everyone can search the California court records of the famous and the infamous!

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Learn new information

Whether the search is serious business or just for fun, the California briefs and records collection provides a wealth of new information at the public’s fingertips.

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