Inside the Science Studios at Pioneer Works (Part I)

The integration of science is essential for the full expression of a cultural organism. At Pioneer Works, we value the cultural impact of scientific thinking, discovery, and irrepressible curiosity.

Scientific Controversies: Event Horizon (2019-05-29)Pioneer Works

Scientific Controversies

Scientific Controversies brings creative minds together to celebrate the passionate spirit of scientific curiosity.

Scientific Controversies: Event Horizon (2019-05-29)Pioneer Works

Scientific Controversies: Event Horizon

Black Holes—and pandemics—as a shared human experience: A year after the Event Horizon Telescope captured the first ever image of a black hole, we look back at the project with the founding director, Shepherd Doeleman, and black-hole physicist, Andrew Strominger.

Scientific Controversies: String Theory (2017-12-01)Pioneer Works

String Theory

The essential idea: There are no particles, only vibrating loops of string. If true, then all the different quantum particles are just different harmonics played on fundamental strings.

Scientific Controversies: String Theory (2017-12-01)Pioneer Works

Scientific Controversies: String Theory

Watch the captivating conversation between Nobel laureate and string theory pioneer David Gross, theoretical physicist Clifford Johnson, and Director of Sciences Janna Levin.

Scientific Controversies: Animal Consciousness (2019-07-09)Pioneer Works

Scientific Controversies: Animal Consciousness

Famed scientists, primatologist Frans de Waal and cognitive psychologist Diana Reiss, on how non-human societies adapt during a crisis.

Scientific Controversies: Containment (2015-12-11)Pioneer Works

Scientific Controversies: Containment

Watch a conversation on the crisis of nuclear waste with Peter Galison, best-selling author, physicist, filmmaker, and Allison Macfarlane, former chair of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Scientific Controversies: Black Holes (2018-07-26)Pioneer Works

Scientific Controversies: Black Holes

Janna Levin invites Yale professor and astrophysicist Priyamvada Natarajan and the University of Arizona professor and astrophysicist Feryal Özel to question if our very existence is contingent on the shepherding role of black holes in the history of the cosmos.

Leland Melvin Chasing Space (2018-03-23)Pioneer Works

Author Talks & Conversations

Join Pioneer Works Director of Sciences, Janna Levin, and guests for explorations of the natural sciences. 

Until the End of Time: Brian Greene in Conversation with Janna Levin (2020-02-24)Pioneer Works

Brian Greene in Conversation

Brian has invested his intellectual energy communing with nature writ large in mathematics. He has shared with the world the attendant rewards of that effort: a fascinating portrait of a communal reality.

Sir Roger Penrose in Conversation with Janna Levin (2019-12-06)Pioneer Works

Sir Roger Penrose

Sir Roger Penrose was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his remarkable contributions to mathematics and physics. He is one of only twenty-two living recipients of the honor Order of Merit. Sir Roger, as he is fondly known to other physicists, is a relentlessly creative genius.

Sir Roger Penrose in Conversation with Janna Levin (2019-12-06)Pioneer Works

In Conversation with Sir Roger Penrose

Watch the lively conversation about black holes, the universe, Penrose tilings, and consciousness.

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