Korea Craft Week 2021 Highlights

Explore the main exhibition and special collaboration program of Korea Craft Week 2021

Appreciation (2021/2021) by Pottery, wood, textile, etc.Korea Craft & Design Foundation

Korea Craft & Design Foundation hosts the biggest craft festival in Korea "Craft Week" every autumn to share the joy of craft with broader people. We invite you to 2021 Craft Week introducing a main exhibition and a special program. 

Exhibition Introduce

Appreciation means recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities. This exhibition was designed to display things in a proper and profound manner rather than simply showing a lot.

Tiger (2021/2021) by CeramicsKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Lee Hunchung, "Tiger"

This is a work by Lee Hunchung, who captures the unique naturalness and humor of Korea through his skillful use of ceramics and concrete. This ceramic tiger is very attractive with its thick legs and tail, stout body, and the corners of the mouth that put on a playful smile.

PYEON–MOON (2021/2021) by CeramicsKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Park Sungwook, "PYEON–MOON"

This is a work by Park Sungwook, who works on buncheong ceramics. Pieces of ceramics the size of a child’s little finger are vertically attached tightly next to each other on the canvas to create unique shapes resembling mountains, the sea, or moon jar.

Colors series (2021/2021) by TextileKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Lee Taeksu, "Colors" series

The work by Lee Taeksu, who works on ceramics and textiles. After dyeing textiles in various colors, he places them together as if they comprise a forest and hangs them side by side on the wall to create an appearance which displays rows of paper columns.

Colored Buncheong Series 1 (2021/2021) by Ceramics, buncheongKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Lee Geumyoung, "Colored Buncheong" Series

This is a work by Lee Geumyoung, who mainly deals with buncheong ceramics. Lee painted flowers, trees, and a house on a ceramic board and applied attractive colors. If you place it on your desk or hang it on the wall, it looks like an object or a painting.

Eternal Green, Moss Repair (2021/2021) by Natural stones, ceramics, mixed yarn, fake mossKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Oh Soo, "Eternal Green, Moss Repair"

These are works by Oh Soo, who creates a new aesthetic sense by attaching fake moss to natural stones or ceramics. She continues to produce not only small objects such as coasters but also large installations completed by knitting. 

ROYAL & CO Residence by BricksKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Royal & Company Art House

The three artists who participated in the Craft Week lodged here and crafted bathroom-related products, and the results were presented during the Korea Craft Week event.

2D=3D (2021/2021) by faucet parts, paper tape, colored pencils, varnishKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Shin Yichul, "2D=3D"

This is a work by Shin Yichul. He transformed the main products of Royal & Company, pottery products and faucets, into artworks by coating them with gorgeous colors and wrapping them with paper tape.

Shin Yichul (2021/2021) by 신이철Korea Craft & Design Foundation

Shin Yichul

"I tried to look at the toilet bowls and shape them from a more aesthetic perspective. Flowers and butterflies were added to make the toilet bowls appear more attractive." - Shin Yichul

Urbanjungle (2021/2021) by pottery, porcelain, acryl, steelKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Rhee Insook, "Urbanjungle"

Rhee Insook, who usually engages in works based on plaster casting, toiled with a view to creating the use of the objects. The key was to transform a toilet bowl and a washbasin produced by Royal & Company into a pot and a table decorated with all kinds of animals and plants.

Rhee Insook (2021/2021) by 이인숙Korea Craft & Design Foundation

Rhee Insook

"To collect daily memories, I collect meaningful objects and produce molds to create forms containing feelings. I save up the molds as if I am securing resources for my archives. In this project, I recycled a toilet bowl and a washbasin discarded due to minor defects." - Rhee Insook

A space with lines (2021/2021) by brass pipes, ceramics, mixed mediaKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Lee Jaejoon, "A space with lines"

Lee Jaejun embarked on a project to highlight the manufacturing process and characteristics of Royal & Company. Inspired by various pottery products, faucets, and brass pipes produced by the company, Lee used the materials themselves as the main components of art.

Lee Jaejoon (2021/2021) by 이재준Korea Craft & Design Foundation

Lee Jaejoon

“I paid attention to the sanitary pottery that makes toilet bowls and the pipes that are used to operate them. By making good use of the linear image of the pipes, I expressed the “circulation of nature,” which I have worked on so far, once again through an installation art." - Lee Jaejoon

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