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MARGAUX | Vol.1 by Daniel Iglesias Jr.The kulturspace Foundation

What is a fashion film?
Conceptually, fashion films represent a hybrid lifestyle that spans several genres. Produced by brands, designers, storytellers and artists, they often feature fashion in the lead role or as a supporting character.

Made in America (2018-12-14) by Stephen Philips and Christopher RussoThe kulturspace Foundation

Made in America Documentary

Made in America is the latest installment of Remake’s 'Made In' video series. The film addresses President Trump's call to action of bringing manufacturing back to the U.S., uncovering the unregulated challenges behind the initiative. In the film, we go inside garment factories and connect with garment maker communities to listen and learn. The film humanizes the makers behind Made in USA clothing labels and inspires consumers and designers of tomorrow to use fashion as a force for good.

Director: Stephen Philips and Christopher Russo

Zombies (2019-02-01) by BALOJIThe kulturspace Foundation

Zombies Emerging

A journey between hope and dystopia in a hallucinated Kinshasa, Zombie goes from the culture of the hair salon to a futuristic clubbing, from the urban parade to the glory of a dictator in campaign to a modern western.
And interrogates the almost carnal relationship we have with our phones, outgrowths of the hand giving us the talent of digital ubiquity...

Director: BALOJI

Margaux Vol. 1 (2018-03-03) by Daniel Iglesias Jr.The kulturspace Foundation

Margaux Vol. 1 Campaign

A retro magazine comes alive in this exploration of modern iconography.
A fashion film starring Margaux The Agency.

Director: Daniel Iglesias Jr.

Boomerang (2018-05-25) by Matthew FrostThe kulturspace Foundation

Boomerang Direction

Many of us have declared our social media addictions of a waste of time, even as we endlessly scroll, retweet and like. But, as director Matthew Frost explores in his new short Boomerang, it’s not such an easy distraction to give up. A satirical look at social media addiction and the power of influencers, Boomerang stars Tully’s Mackenzie Davis as Jen, a woman who finds that quitting social media isn’t as easy as it seems.

Director: Matthew Frost

Dance (2017-12-20) by John-Michael TrianaThe kulturspace Foundation

Dance Style

A silent film for the digital age, DANCE explores the impacts of the digital age in the realms of self-perception, love, and, desire. Max, our antihero, is paradoxically consumed by both self-centeredness and an existential loneliness. Having ceded control of his social interactions to self-promotion in his perfectly curated world of social media, he finds himself craving something more. He meets Bliss, an enigmatic beauty, who is seemingly everything he has been searching for. But, as Max comes to realize he's chasing his own projection, he begins to question what is real, and is faced with a choice, does he dive back into the digital abyss or pursue a more classic means of finding love?

Director: John-Michael Triana

Cover for LAFF 19The kulturspace Foundation

The Future is Inclusive.

Founded on the basis of inclusion, sustainability, and community, LAFF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit platform produced by The kulturspace Foundation for forward-thinking creatives & brands to showcase collaborations and incite meaningful exchanges.

Originally conceived as the LA Fashion Film Festival, the inaugural festival was held over two days in 2018 at Fred Segal on Sunset Blvd and Technicolor Experience Center. It was a dazzling showcase of how fashion, lifestyle and tech are blending to create future visionary experiences.

Poised as a cornerstone of LA fashion events, the festival returns in 2019 as LA Fashion Festival (LAFF), showcasing progressive ideas via an immersive cultural experience of film, retail, innovation, and beauty influences.

Why Story Mfg. Travels 5,000 Miles For Craftsmanship | MR PORTER (2019-05-30) by Jacopo Maria CintiThe kulturspace Foundation

Why Story Mfg. Travels 5,000 Miles For Craftsmanship | MR PORTER Campaign

Auroville in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu is the home of production for Story MFG., a London-based label specialising in sustainable clothing. MR PORTER travelled to India to find out more about the brand, the husband-and-wife team behind it, and the local community turning their designs into reality.

Director: Jacopo Maria Cinti

No Boundaries (2018-09-05) by Keenan NewmanThe kulturspace Foundation

No Boundaries Cinematography

Our story is a poem. Our story is a feeling. Our story is a mosaic of moments – a moving, visceral collage of colors & shapes, hollers & whispers, energetic & effortless expressions of kinetic life. Our story is not here on paper, it is out there in the streets – in the crisp wind at sunrise and beneath the flickering frenzy of the metropolis.

Join us as we fall into the wild tangle of our lives to share an expressive, kaleidoscopic poem – an ode to feeling both lost and found in a world with no boundaries.

Director: Keenan Newman

Kokosmos (2018-12-14) by Anna RadchenkoThe kulturspace Foundation

Kokosmos Innovation

Shot in Moscow by the award-winning director and photographer Anna Radchenko, Kokosmos is a tribute to Russia’s infatuation with space.

Somewhere between a fashion film, a music piece and an experimental video, Kokosmos embraces reality and extends it through magical realism by visually answering the question: what if?

Director: Anna Radchenko

Troye Sivan - Lucky Strike (2019-01-01) by Emma WestenbergThe kulturspace Foundation

Troye Sivan - Lucky Strike Music

Music video for Troye Sivan's "Lucky Strike". In collaboration with Dropbox and A24. Clothing provided by Hardeman.

Director: Emma Westenberg

Spy Games (2017-10-01) by Victor ClaramuntThe kulturspace Foundation

Spy Games Glam

A spy looking for a double agent in Sicily. But maybe she get some problems to resolve first.

Director: Victor Claramunt

Credits: Story

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