Life of the Auto Tree

Explore the impacts of the 2020 CZU Lightning Fire and the Auto Tree in 3D


Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Auto Tree CM107043 (1)CyArk

Explore the Auto Tree

View the impacts of the CZU Lightning Fire on the Auto Tree, captured in 3D after the fire. 

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Auto Tree by CyArkCyArk

Joanne Kerbavaz: Significance of the Auto Tree

The Iconic Auto Tree

"It is iconic because it's has been shaped by previous fire."

Joanne Kerbavaz: Auto Tree Base Damage

Fire Damage to the Base

 "The tree already had a big cavity and already had a big fire scar."

The Auto Tree remains one of the oldest trees in Big Basin, and could be close to 1,500 years old.  

Scars from the most recent CZU fire are visible further up the tree than previous burn marks. 

Joanne Kerbavaz: Auto Tree Crown

Changes to the Crown

"At some point, part of it had been injured and formed a new trunk."

Joanne Kerbavaz: Future of the Auto Tree

Auto Tree Future

"I do have optimism that the tree will continue to re-sprout and re-grow."

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