Mangrove Fatz

Meet the DJ and Music Maker

Mangrove Fatz (2020/2020)Notting Hill Carnival

Mangrove Fatz 1 - Intro

Meet Mangrove Fatz

My name is Mangrove Fatz, I’m a DJ and I play with various bands throughout the carnival. I've been linked to carnival from when it started, I was there, but I started playing in 1977. 

Trinidad (1941-03) by David E SchermanLIFE Photo Collection

Mangrove Fatz 2 - What does Carnival mean to you:London

What does Carnival mean to you and to London?

Carnival means a lot to me, because I’ve been in it since I was a child, and back home in Trinidad. I think it’s done a great deal for London especially. It’s bringing in a lot of money!

Mangrove Fatz (2020/2020)Notting Hill Carnival

Mangrove Fatz - 3 - Hopes for Carnival

What are your hopes for Carnival?

I hope carnival will get off to a good start next year. And I hope it continues, because most of the troubles we had in the early days seems to have disappeared now, and I hope everything goes alright.

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