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Water Echoes (2019-12-15) by Donato CorboMatera European Capital of Culture 2019

"Whichever way you come from, the city does not reveal in any way to the visitor the originality of its physiognomy, which waits to be captured only by the meditative gaze of the less hurried traveller, prepared to understand the reasons of nature and history by which were composed, as in human faces, the physiognomies of the city."

"IDRA Istituto di ricerca anima" by Alfredo Pirri (2019-01-19) by Michelangelo CamardoMatera European Capital of Culture 2019

This is how Giuseppe Isnardi described Matera, the city considered by many to be the world capital of underground art: a unique model of negative architecture, the result of subtraction of matter, consisting of a complex network of caves and cisterns that have made the city famous for its water collection system, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for the peculiarity of its houses, characterised by a single entrance that overlooked the neighbourhood, the beating heart of life in the Sassi stone districts.

"Rapporti" by Filippo Riniolo (2019-01-19)Matera European Capital of Culture 2019

The project 'Matera Alberga_Welcoming Art' was created with the intention of bringing the people of Matera back to their roots: following the depopulation of 1952, the city experienced an identity crisis, caused by the forced abandonment of the ancient districts. The "shame of Italy", loved and hated at the same time, had to be forgotten, but today the situation has clearly changed: Matera's Sassi stone districts are internationally renowned and welcome tourists from all over the world.

"The Eternal Ear" (2019) by Georgina StarrMatera European Capital of Culture 2019

It was precisely in the accommodation facilities of the historic centre that the decision was taken to install relational, participatory and public works and installations that in some way told the history of the area and were always accessible to the people of Matera and travellers alike to offer a reading on the past and on the evolution of the city.

Invisible Pavilions (2019-11-16) by Claudio AmendolagineMatera European Capital of Culture 2019

The 'Invisible Pavilions' project takes its name from the refurbishment of seven underground cisterns dating back to the 15th century: thanks to an excavation, these were connected to the underground rooms of Palazzo Viceconte, creating a new place, chosen as a space for the programme exhibitions.

Invisible Pavilions (2019-11-16) by Claudio AmendolagineMatera European Capital of Culture 2019

The project, through multidisciplinary research, supervised by the philosopher Philippe Nys, questioned the issues of the unresolved and the indefinite, highlighting how, through architecture and art, it is possible to rethink the spaces of the city in order to increase its social value.

Invisible Pavilions (2019-11-16) by Claudio AmendolagineMatera European Capital of Culture 2019

On the other hand, it was enough to dive into the works and installations on display to understand how the city of the future needs a chorus of voices for there to be a virtuous urban development.

Water Echoes (2019-12-15) by Donato CorboMatera European Capital of Culture 2019

Each artist who contributed to the Matera 2019 programme first accepted the invitation to become wholly immersed in the history, landscape and culture of this place, to follow its rhythm to the point of becoming one with the water and rock. Each emerged from the experience with their own narrative ready to be expressed through text, imagery or music.

Water Echoes (2019-12-15) by Donato CorboMatera European Capital of Culture 2019

'In Vitrø ~ artificial sønificatiøn' is all of this: the project was born with the aim of reflecting on the theme of silence and its relationship with sound. Thanks to international collaborations, sound installations and live performances have been created that have brought life to various places in the city and in the region, favouring the underground environments and their architectural richness: the best example is the Palombaro Lungo, the city's largest cistern, which, in an unprecedented capacity, hosted ‘Echi d’acqua’ (Water Echoes), works from the Centre for Musical Research in Rome.

MaTerre VR Experience (2019-11-24) by Duet StudioMatera European Capital of Culture 2019

Inside a hypogeum everything is amplified, not only the sounds, but even the images and messages conveyed are more vivid. Precisely for this reason 'MaTerre VR Experience' has found its ideal location in the rock church of Santa Maria de Armenis. The exhibition presented the first international example of cinepoetry: five pairs of artists from the Euro Mediterranean area, each formed by a filmmaker and a poet, met in Matera with the aim of illustrating the light and the landscape of this land. The result was a collective film in five episodes, presented through an immersive exhibition path where, thanks to 360° virtual reality, the viewer was able to literally "enter" into the work.

MaTerre VR Experience (2019-11-24) by Duet StudioMatera European Capital of Culture 2019

The Venice Biennale - Virtual reality for Matera 2019 (2019-12-01) by Digital LighthouseMatera European Capital of Culture 2019

During the Open Culture Festival, dedicated to the theme of open culture and its relationship with the digital world, the first decentralised exhibition of the Venice International Film Festival was held. Ten works from the 'Venice Virtual Reality' competition and from the 'Biennale College Cinema - Virtual Reality' project have been presented inside the Motta Hypogea.

Future Digs- History lessons (2019)Matera European Capital of Culture 2019

"Digging" traditionally refers to the idea of ​​research, of roots, of creating a void: in Matera, however, this is a term that more evokes the need for new spaces to make room for new activities, ideas, people. The cycle of meetings 'Future digs' was dedicated to the city of tomorrow, the excavations of the future, in fact: to be able to imagine how we will be, some of the most analytical minds in the Italian and foreign panorama have been called upon to share their insights. Lessons in democracy, history, cinema, lessons in Matera and philosophy have sparked the curiosity and participation of citizens.

Future Digs- Cinema lessons (2019)Matera European Capital of Culture 2019

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