'Medusae' by Cristina Tarquini

Discover why jellyfish populations are booming and the clues their increased numbers can tell us about our changing climate.

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Cristina Tarquini

Heartbeat of the Earth - Medusae Invasive Species Map (2021) by Cristina Tarquini

Jellyfish and the Mediterranean

Dive into the Mediterranean with digital visual artist Cristina Tarquini and reveal the reasons why we are seeing an increase in jellyfish populations in some of the most beautiful locations in Europe. 

Medusae - 3D render jellyfish (2021) by Cristina Tarquini

What's the connection between jellyfish and climate change?

With Medusae, learn how acidifying waters, rising temperatures, a lack of oxygen and other factors affect jellyfish differently to other marine species. 

Cristina Tarquini (2020)

Cristina Tarquini

Cristina Tarquini is an Italian Art Director & Creative Technologist. She designs visual storytelling for immersive experiences and conceives and develops communication pieces at the intersection of digital & physical and of art & technology.

The artist reveals more about her artwork and the process behind it....

Medusae - 3D render jellyfish bloom (2021) by Cristina Tarquini

Medusae Why JellyFish

Why jellyfish?

“For me jellyfish are the most exciting animal on the planet. They are the most venomous animal, they could live forever and they have mastered adaptation to such an extent, they can hide in plain sight."

Medusae - Research

Medusae Research Process

How did you make Medusae?

“The research for this project is something that started from curiosity, continued with various field trips and culminated with a collaboration with scientist Lombard Fabien, expert in the field."

Launch the experiment and explore more digital artworks interpreting climate data.

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