Meet: Charles Massy

From his farm in New South Wales, Australia, regenerative farmer, scientist, and author, Dr Charles Massy, tells us about the importance of rearing livestock to replicate nature.

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Charles Massy - 'Our Country' (2021-10-10) by Charles MassySoil Heroes

Introduction to Charles Massy

Meet Charles Massy

Dr Massy is among the scientists who believe we have entered a new geological epoch, the life-threatening Anthropocene. For us to move forwards, we need to look to the soil for some solutions. 

Livestock - Charles Massey (2010-10-10) by Charles MassySoil Heroes

History of Farming by Charles Massy

From Dustbowl to Abundance

Ever since the green revolution in the 1960's, farmers have leant on a mindset where they brought in inputs such as fertiliser or pesticides. This has large consequences to the farm's ecology and finances.

Charles Massy - Grasslands (2010-10-10) by Charles MassySoil Heroes

Farmer Profile - Soil - Charles Massy

'On Soil Being a Solution'.

Dr Charles Massy, Regenerative Farmer, Scientist, and Author, explains why soil is simply magic and is a win-win situation in the fight against climate change.

Cattle and Landscape - Charles Massy (2021-10-10) by Charles MassySoil Heroes

On Livestock - Charles Massy

On Livestock and Mob Grazing

Plants, ruminants, and predators have existed together for millenia, in doing so nature found balance. Farming in line with the systems of nature, livestock plays an important role.

Regenerative Farming in Australia with Charles MassySoil Heroes

Regenerative farming in Australia with Charles Massy

At a Sustainable Food Trust conference, Farming and Climate Change, Charles Massy provided an eve of conference address looking at, amongst other things, the critical role that ruminants play in landscape preservation and restoration.

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