On Language and Communication

If language is a convention aimed at communication, these works seem to indicate its arbitrary condition.

Any meaning and sense emerging from language is relative.

In the Córdoba province, the term paiaso is used as a popular insult. Aylén Bartolino Luna focuses on this word, takes it to a poster-blind surrounded by audios with recordings of applause. A dialogue between word and sound. A scene of complicity.

Ensamble (Assembly) (2018) by Hernán CamolettoFundación Itaú Argentina

Hernán Camoletto takes fragments extracted from various readings and scratches them in cement.

A cadence of phrases that move away from the functionality of the language.

An ensemble of senses that trigger multiple interpretations.

FIN 28, del proyecto Pensamientos Gráficos (END 28, from the Project Graphic Thoughts) (2020) by Facundo PereyraFundación Itaú Argentina

Another strategy that can adopted consists in disruption of language. 

In his project Graphic Thoughts, Facundo Pereyra interferes with real estate posters which, instead of indicating the sale of a property, announce an imminent end.

In Maximiliano Bellmann's Voices, a visual play of words is generated to build new architectures, poetic scaffolds for our times.

Alejandro López's video reminds us that we are language animals. Language makes us visible, we need it to avoid loneliness.

Its natural consequence is communication, sometimes interrupted, as it happens in Diego Gelatti's Important Message. A fictional scenario, an improvised simulacrum for a mission that remains unfinished.

The strong desire to connect activates communication between people, even without language, as reflected in Message No. 1 by Alex del Río.

The social media have become a tumultuous habitat for language from which we communicate. Some works trace the layers of meaning there. 

Recopilación de tweets sobre la libertad realizada con un bot programado con python 3 (Compilation of tweets regarding freedom made with a bot programmed with Python 3) Work detailFundación Itaú Argentina

In the case of Javier Rodríguez, the phrase "I am free not to" triggers a search in the verborrhagic sea of the Twitter platform.

It yields a messy set of ideas that accounts for the relativity of concepts. Link to document with compilation of tweets

Other projects speak ironically about the formulas proposed by the culture of instant success.

Proyecto Salto de Fe, (Leap of Faith Project) (2021) by Jazmín GiordanoOriginal Source: Access link to artwork

Such is the case of Proyecto Salto de Fe, by Jazmín Giordano. A parody that shows how business coaching has become a new creed.
Access link to artwork

First Prize. Category: Art in Social Media. 12th Itaú Artes Visuales Award. 

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