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In 1864, Atlanta burned to ashes and rose again. 100 years later, Civil Rights leaders stood up to demand equality for all.The beauty that comes from these battle wounds still runs through the veins of Atlanta's culture — instilling purpose into the music, food, fashion and art. Living in ATL puts you at the root of it all.

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Engineered for Growth

Innovation is in Atlanta's DNA. Tech jobs have grown by 20% more than the national average since 2010, boosting the state's economy by $113 billion. With that momentum, your opportunities are virtually endless. 

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Atlanta is Your Canvas

From murals celebrating OutKast in Little Five Points to the art-lined walls of Krog Street Tunnel, street art brings Atlanta to life.With local projects like Living Walls, OuterSpace Project and Art on the BeltLine, you can experience art every day, any way.

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Traditional Fare, with a Twist

Atlanta evolves fast, and so does the food scene. Collard green quesadillas at The Blaxican. Fried green tomatoes drizzled with Japanese aioli at Poor Calvin's. Poblano grits with chorizo and salsa verde at Publico.Home classics will always shine, but foodies in Atlanta count on top-rated chefs to put a spin on classic dishes you know and love.

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Always Loyal

Atlanta is a city of fans. From crowded watch parties at local bars to the electric energy of a tailgate, sports teams connect you with your neighbors — transplants and natives alike. Rain or shine, win or lose, Atlanta stays loyal to the hometown heroes.

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The Business of Music

Atlanta is a hub for the music industry. With resources for emerging artists and creative entrepreneurs like Invest Atlanta's Creative Industries Fund, Georgia Tech's hip-hop social justice course and the philanthropic work of The Ludacris Foundation, Atlanta's business has flow. 

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A Festival for Every Reason and Every Season

Atlanta's festivals are as diverse as its neighborhoods. From Inman Park Festival, held in one of Atlanta’s oldest neighborhoods, to the Little Five Points Halloween Parade and Reynoldstown’s fall Chomp and Stomp, you'll love seeing communities come alive in unique ways.

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Make it Reign

Esports are now center stage with Atlanta Reign competing in the Overwatch League (OWL), Hawks Talon playing in the NBA 2K League and Atlanta FaZe representing in the Call of Duty League.Watch the best behind the controls compete live, under pressure and with prizes at stake — ATL is ranked the #1 gaming environment for a reason. 

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Space for All

Whether you're planning your next family picnic, playing frisbee in the park or simply soaking up the sun, there's space for you in Atlanta. Find parks, trails and recreation areas to get your outdoors on.

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Too Busy To Hate

Atlanta has long been a place that puts people first. Become part of a community that tirelessly works to live up to its reputation as "the city too busy to hate." The birthplace of America's most well respected civil rights leaders, Atlanta has been a catalyst for change across the nation.Find a home among peers who believe in a more inclusive world. Who are constantly working to bridge communities and improve the quality of life for all.

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Hollywood has a New Home

Georgia is the most camera-ready state in the U.S., and metro Atlanta is home to Pinewood Atlanta Studios, Areu Bros. Studios and Tyler Perry Studios. Fast fact: Tyler Perry is the first African American to independently own a film studio. The lot has more acres than Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount and Sony combined. Say action, because that's your scene. 

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