Stenograffia 2010-2011

street art & graffiti festival

Stenograffia 2010: Condensed milk & Campbell's soup (2010-07) by Steograffia festivalSTENOGRAFFIA

Stenograffia initially took place in July of 2010. About 180 artists participated in the festival and generated many street art objects. This object was created by TKND crew from Novosibirsk, Russia.

Smash137 in Yekaterinburg (2010-11) by Stenograffia festivalSTENOGRAFFIA

In 2010 we organized the first visit of foreign graffiti artists. Smash137 from Switzerland and ECB from Germany were the first foreigners to visit the festival.

Crocodile (2011-04) by HeracutSTENOGRAFFIA


This work was created by the Heracut from Germany.

In the framework of a social project the mural was painted on the wall of the orphanage.

Additionally, the artists gave a lecture at the Art Academy. This project is one of the most important parts of Stenograffia.

Draw me mom (2012-12) by Stenograffia festivalSTENOGRAFFIA

This social movie was created by the organizers of Stenograffia as a result of collaboration with the Heracut. This film is about art and the children from the orphanage.

Sisyphean (2011-07) by Interesni KazkiSTENOGRAFFIA


This mural was created by Interesni Kazki duo from Kiev, Ukraine. Their visit was an important event for Stenograffia 2011. It is the only mural painted by Interesni Kazki in Russia. 

Stenograffia and Kurara. Ekaterinburger (2011-09) by Stenograffia festivalSTENOGRAFFIA

During the creation of this art object we have created a music video about Ekaterinburg and the artists.

Music by Kurara.

I will feed you berries (2011-07) by PaniPanikiSTENOGRAFFIA

I Will Feed You Berries

Two girls from Siberia continuously create street art objects like this one. By Pani Paniki from Kemerovo city.

Synoptix - Radio street art (2011-10) by Stenograffia festivalSTENOGRAFFIA

This video is about artists, musicians and love.

Music by Synoptix.

Ches. (2014-07) by ChesSTENOGRAFFIA

Ches, a famous graffiti artist from Moscow.

NOOTK (2011-07) by NootkSTENOGRAFFIA

This object was created by the artist NOOTK from Moscow.

Turtle (2011-07) by ChJNSSTENOGRAFFIA

This mural was painted by 183, Hops, and ChJNS from Samara, Russia.

2054 (2011-07) by Marina Yagoda and Ivan Yagoda. TKND.STENOGRAFFIA


Authors of Campbell's and Condensed Milk cisterns TKND crew from Novosibirsk took a part in Stenograffia 2011 and painted their own portraits, of how they see themselves in the future.

Stenograffia 2011: The two of us (2012) by Stenograffia festivalSTENOGRAFFIA

The Two of Us is a video about Marina and Ivan Yagoda, which was created by organizers of Stenograffia. Music is by Kurara.

Dentist (2011-07) by NomerzSTENOGRAFFIA

Nikita Nomerz from Nizhny Novgorod (Russia), the author of the piece, named this mural Dentist.
This Dentist entered the list of world's best street art objects of 2011.

Graffiti musical (2012-06) by Stenograffia festivalSTENOGRAFFIA

Graffiti Musical is a story about street artists, musicians and Stenograffia 2011.

Credits: Story

Organizing committee of Stenograffia

Credits: All media
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