Syokimau: The Story of a Great Kamba Prophetess and Medicine Woman

Syokimau: The Oracle (Kamba community) (2019) by Shujaa StoriesNational Museums of Kenya

Syokimau The Great Seer of the Kamba

Syokimau The Great Seer of the Kamba
Among many Kenyan ethnic groups, possession of supernatural powers was greatly revered. And in her time Syokimau of the Akamba was the most powerful sorcerer.

Syokimau The Great Seer of the Kamba

Syokimau was born in the 1800s and raised in Iveti Hills, near what is now Machakos. Besides being a prophetess, she was a great medicine woman. Her people held her in high regard. It is claimed that she could predict attacks by other communities such as the Maasai and the Gikuyu, giving Kamba warriors time to prepare to defend themselves.

Syokimau The Great Seer of the Kamba

Syokimau recognised as one of the greatest Kamba prophetess who ever lived. By the mid 1800s was already prophesying the changes that were coming to the region. Long before other prophets in the region did the same. In particular, she saw the coming of the white man and the building of the railway with unmatched accuracy.

Syokimau The Great Seer of the Kamba

In her prophecy she saw a long snake spitting fire and smoke as it moved from waters to other waters. From it came out the people, their skin like white meat and speech were nonsensical like the chirping of the birds. They carried fire everywhere they went in their pockets.

Syokimau The Great Seer of the Kamba

She also foretold the coming of a generation that would behave in strange ways. This generation would talk like weaver birds claim to be wiser and break traditions. They would do things that were considered taboo and surprisingly, even build houses on top of one another.

In the late 19th century, her prophecies began to manifest. Everything from the railway to the violence of colonialism, skyscrapers and industrialisation came to pass.

Syokimau The Great Seer of the Kamba

The circumstances surrounding Syokimau death remain a mystery. Her people claimed that she died and resurrected twice before dying for good the third time.

It is later said that Syonguu wa Kathukya, another prophetess from Athi River was so amazed at her prophecy that she named the place that is now called Syokimau after her. Today there stands a statue of Syokimau at the new Syokimau Railway station to celebrate this great Kamba sorcerer and medicine woman.

Syokimau's legacy lives on
Syokimau predicted the railway and skyscrapers – did she imagine that a railway station near the skyscrapers would be named after her? Syokimau railway station is also near Nairobi National Park, the crown jewel of Nairobi. Can we imagine that lions, giraffes, ostriches and eagles can be seen living wild within the city limits? Nairobi National Park is a heritage that we need to guard and protect.

Credits: Story

Credits: Story
Research field work was undertaken in Samburu and Marsabit (for Gabbra, Samburu, Rendille, Saakuye, Dasanach, Elmolo, Waayu a.k.a Waata, and Burji superheroes/heroines), Embu and Tharaka (for Aembu, Tharaka, Ameru and Mbeere superheroes/heroines), Mombasa ( for Boni, Swahili, Pokomo, Segeju and Bajuni superheroes/heroines)and Taita-Taveta/Voi (for Taveta superheroes/heroines) capturing all information about the heroes from the 40 selected ethnic groups/communities by Museum’s research team. The illustrations were done using digital media by Shujaa Stories Limited.

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