Tatiana Trouvè

The blurred boundary between memory, past and future, reality and fiction

By La Galleria Nazionale

Les indéfinis (2017 - 2018) by Tatiana TrouvéLa Galleria Nazionale

All the things I create are related to each other. I never create a separation between my sculptures and my drawings. I have always made sure that they can exchange their qualities. Sculptures can draw the spaces in which they are placed, and drawings can sculpt the spaces in which they are exhibited. The elements, the materials, the shapes can be interchanged.

Together they bring about a sort of ecosystem. I am not applying a method. I rather think that dynamics run through my work, and this implies that my drawings, sculptures or installations echo one into each other.

Artists have the opportunity to invent their own way of working, but the peculiarity of this work is that it doesn’t really have a time, and it doesn’t respect any schedule. Sometimes I wonder if, when I dream, I don’t work more efficiently than when I walk around my studio to solve a new problem.

Tatiana Trouvè

Tatiana Trouvé
(Cosenza 1968. She lives and works in Paris.)

Tatiana Trouvé explores in her work the boundary between past and future, memory and potential, presence and absence, reality and fiction. Particularly dear to the artist are the anonymous, usually forgotten events dotting our personal stories and influencing events.

Les indéfinis (2017 - 2018) by Tatiana TrouvéLa Galleria Nazionale

Her sculptural practice investigates the infinite possibilities of the object that she assembles using elements taken from reality and recontextualized according to a precise aesthetic grammar regularly recurring in her works.

Throughout her production there is a constant search for the construction of unpredictable and daring architectures and object assemblages and, although the artist always uses objects taken from our banal everyday life, such as soaps, shoes, hangers or shopping bags, their unlikely coexisting and bronze casting make us completely lose the feeling of familiarity we should get from them, thus forcing us to look at them with different eyes.

Tatiana Trouvé’s works explore the terrain of emotions and memory, the artist transforming memories into modular sculptures, creatively exploring the blurred boundary between memory, past and future, presence and absence, reality and fiction.

Her works combine intricate scenographic designs, both linear and three-dimensional sculptures, spaces and transparencies that hint at invisible dimensions.

The worlds conceived by Tatiana Trouvé are fragile, works made of fragments of previous works that become suspended presences on the threshold between being imagined and becoming real.

Les indéfinis (2017 - 2018) by Tatiana TrouvéLa Galleria Nazionale

Despite their apparent aesthetic and formal gracefulness, her installations are real melancholy “environmental dramas” full of references to an elsewhere that does not yet exist, to works that could be born, to scraps that have not found their place on their own, but being exposed side by side create a formal scenario of great visual impact magically oscillating between the real and the imaginary.

Paola Ugolini

Credits: Story

Tatiana Trouvè and Paola Ugolini

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