Taverns: Temples of the culinary tradition in Buenos Aires

In search of the essence of Buenos Aires’ gastronomy

Plato de comida (2021-01-16) by Leo LibermanGustar

For every taste

Some are hundreds of years old and others are brand new. Some embrace their status as cult venues, while others are notable for their legendary beginnings.

Puesto de comida (2021-01-15) by Leo LibermanGustar

Some are famed for their food, for the expertise of their staff, or simply for the generosity of their portions, their welcoming manner, or their reasonable prices.

Salón comedor (2021-01-16) by Leo LibermanGustar

Since the late 19th century, taverns have stood the test of time, staying true to the traditions that define them: professional waiting staff, colorful tablecloths, and a family atmosphere.

Restaurant (2021-01-16) by Leo LibermanGustar

With soccer team flags and photos on the walls, checkered floors, bottles lining the shelves, and legs of ham hanging from the ceilings, their traditional decor is a reminder of the city’s history.

Plato de comida (2021-01-16) by Leo LibermanGustar

Unaffected by trends

Stepping through a tavern’s doors is like entering another space and time. Both in terms of their furnishings and their recipes, they hark back to the traditions of the old suburbs and defy the demands of modernity.

Productos (2021-01-16) by Leo LibermanGustar

Customers, whether locals or tourists, visit for the classic recipes from Buenos Aires cuisine, a world away from the gourmet trends of the moment.

Puesto de comida (2021-01-15) by Pablo ValdaGustar

The mark of immigration

The lengthy menus on offer at the taverns reference their Italian and Spanish origins, in keeping with the migratory movements that defined the identity of Buenos Aires. A fusion of cuisines infused over time until a tradition materialized.

Puesto de comida (2021-01-15) by Pablo ValdaGustar

The tavern menus generally offer starters or appetizers (with a well-stocked bread basket), empanadas and aperitifs, main courses, and finally desserts, served with wine, beer, or soft drinks.

Puesto de comida (2021-01-15) by Leo LibermanGustar

The cult of meat

Grilled meat is the draw of tavern cuisine, served with sides such as fries or a mixed salad. There are also snacks such as schnitzels, pasta, and stews influenced by previous generations, though usually with a modern twist. Everything is served in generous portions, perfect for sharing.

Puesto de comida (2021-01-15) by Pablo ValdaGustar

Flavors from all over the country

Reclaiming authentic and traditional cuisine means embracing the products that are typical of each region. Wines, pickles, salted products, and tinned goods from different regions all line the shelves, continuing the tradition of the old grocery stores.

Salón comedor (2021-01-16) by Leo LibermanGustar

Under the premise of offering tasty, calorific, and affordable food, taverns recreate a lively, bustling environment, and they play a major role in the city’s folklore.

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