The Adriano Olivetti Foundation

in 1962 by Adriano Olivetti’s family, the Foundation works to protect and promote Adriano Olivetti’s legacy in light of the contemporary struggles we
face as a society. 

The Adriano Olivetti Foundation is an
independent institution, supported by its own activities as well as by generous
contributions of those who believe in its mission.  Its offices are located in Rome and

Articolo a un anno dalla morte di Adriano OlivettiFondazione Adriano Olivetti

Beyond the company, beyond profits, beyond the present. This was the rationale behind the Adriano Olivetti Foundation, a "cultural enterprise" with a focus on social responsibility founded in 1962 by Adriano Olivetti's relatives and collaborators.

The Rome office is located on Via Giuseppe Zanardelli, on the fourth floor of a building listed for its historical and artistic interest by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities.

The Ivrea office was opened in 2008, the 100-year anniversary of the foundation of the Olivetti Company. It is located in Adriano Olivetti's study/museum in Villa Belli Boschi, his last home, on the Montenavale hill at the edge of the Olivetti factory site.

particolare archivi Fondazione Adriano OlivettiFondazione Adriano Olivetti

Our archives

Between them, the Rome and Ivrea offices house a paper and multimedia archive available to academics and researchers. Among other things, the archive, which is divided into various collections, includes the corporate and private correspondence of Camillo and Adriano Olivetti and other family members; the archive of the Movimento Comunità (Community Movement) and the publisher Edizioni di Comunità; and the combined archives of Ludovico Quaroni and Georges Friedrich Friedmann. The Rome office houses the archive detailing the Adriano Olivetti Foundation's fifty-year history. From the social science studies of the 1960s to the public art research of the 2000s, this planning archive is teeming with cultural innovation and is of particular interest to researchers and academics.

Schedatura biblioteca Fondazione Adriano OlivettiFondazione Adriano Olivetti

Our libraries  

The Adriano Olivetti Foundation Library features over 10,000 volumes, including the personal libraries of Adriano Olivetti and his father Camillo, the complete collection of volumes published by Edizioni di Comunità, and the complete collection of all issues of Comunità magazine and other magazines published by Edizioni di Comunità. Visitors can also consult the Adriano Olivetti Foundation Notebook series as well as the complete collection of works published by the Foundation in collaboration with other publishing houses since 1962. The library is part of the Rome Cultural Institutes (IEI) SBN Hub.

La biblioteca della Fondazione Adriano OlivettiFondazione Adriano Olivetti

Il simbolo olivettiano dell'humana civilitas.Fondazione Adriano Olivetti

Our work     

The research, training and promotion projects and activities carried out by the Foundation speak to its profile as a working philanthropic organisation that collaborates with public and private institutions both nationally and internationally.

Vista aerea di Corso JervisOriginal Source: Immagine tratta dal Dossier di Candidatura di "Ivrea Città Industriale del XX secolo" nella World Heritage List UNESCO

Alongside our national and international partners, we promote the culture of the Olivetti Company as a key to studying and appreciating twentieth-century Italian architecture.

ShapesFondazione Adriano Olivetti

As a result of our efforts to raise awareness of and promote Ivrea's architectural heritage, it was recently added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

RiConfigureFondazione Adriano Olivetti

Social innovation and collaboration between its key players is the theme of RiConfigure, a European project that sees us working alongside thirteen partners as part of the Horizon 2020 programme.

Adriano Olivetti Dynamo Executive SchoolFondazione Adriano Olivetti

The Adriano Olivetti Dynamo Executive School is an educational project that we have been promoting since 2018 in conjunction with Dynamo Academy. The school aims to encourage students to reflect on how companies can contribute to society.

Collage di copertine delle Edizioni di Comunità.Fondazione Adriano Olivetti

In 2010, thanks to an agreement between Mondadori and the Adriano Olivetti Foundation, the Edizioni di Comunità trademark was returned to the Foundation, thus restoring the substance to an iconic graphic identity symbolised by the unmistakable Olivetti bell.

Architectural Association a Ivrea.Fondazione Adriano Olivetti

Lezioni Olivettiane (Olivettian Lessons) is an educational and promotional programme that allows people to discover, study and share the history of Olivetti through multidisciplinary education tools.

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