The Granby Winter Garden

Watch a 360 video showing the development of a winter garden that uses gardening and creative action to create positive change for the local community

Granby Winter Garden Photo Opportunity (2019) by AssembleThe Space

The Granby Winter Garden

Granby Winter Garden is a community-owned creative space and indoor garden in the heart of Toxteth, Liverpool 8. Recently opened to the public, it is a beautiful, fully liveable space, designed to be flexible, sociable and sustainable in every sense, and accessible to the whole community. 

Granby Winter Garden from the outside (2021-05-01) by Ronnie HughesThe Space

From the outside, you'd never guess the green oasis that resides inside...

Children taking part in the gardening club at the winter garden (2021-05-01) by Ronnie HughesThe Space

A Community Creation

The Winter Garden is an innovative combination of design, gardening and community-led activity. We used two adjoining terrace houses, to create a space which can be used for workshops, events, artists' residencies and social gatherings as well as a shared space for gardening.

Andrea Ku (2021-05-01) by Ronnie HughesThe Space

The building and garden were designed in collaboration with local residents, the building with multi-disciplinary collective Assemble and the garden design led by gardener-in-residence, Andrea Ku. 

Granby Winter Garden (2021-05-01) by Ronnie HughesThe Space

The garden reaches up to the full height of the building, with a glazed roof allowing large-scale indoor planting. It is tall enough for full-height trees to grow, together with climbers and large potted plants - plants of all sizes are welcome here.

The Winter Garden Micro Documentary (2019) by AssembleThe Space

Watch a 360 video of the Granby Winter Garden

Produced by Rob Vincent at Popla Media and commissioned by The Space

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