The Hero Behind the Mask

Capturing the Personality of a Sitter

By Paintings in Hospitals

"The anonymity of the mask often hinders communication when it is needed most of all."
- Dr. Parv Gill, sitter to Adrian Neil Taylor

Haneen (2020) by Martin SouthamPaintings in Hospitals

Haneen by Martin Southam

"Haneen wanted to show herself in PPE to remember the difficulties during this time. We decided on just the respiratory mask as I really wanted to capture her eyes as she is an ophthalmologist. The painting was carried out over several weeks using oils on a canvas board." 

Smile (2020) by A S MorriganPaintings in Hospitals

Smile by A S Morrigan

"Even though you cannot see her smile, you know it is there, shining through the mask. It felt important for me to capture that. During a crisis, the personal touch could all but be forgotten but Susan is a perfect distillation of the spirit of the NHS."

Reflection (2020) by Jean RossPaintings in Hospitals

Reflection by Jean Ross

"I was immediately enticed by the reflections in Adam's visor and the look in his eye; I endeavoured to paint the kindness and concern emanating from that tired, overworked eye. I aimed to portray the thin transparency of his visor; he was shielded and yet approachable."

Rebekah (2020) by Stephen WardPaintings in Hospitals

Rebekah by Stephen Ward

"We discussed the use of PPE which we felt was important to include as it has quickly become a common part of all our lives, especially all key workers. This became the focus of my portrait; it reflected how Rebekah and her team viewed each other in this 'new normal'."

Another long shift (2020) by Maggie Johnson - Beeswing ArtPaintings in Hospitals

Another Long Shift by Maggie Johnson

"Sashi sent me three photographs to work with. One of them showed her beautiful smile and I was tempted to paint that one. I chose instead to paint a portrait of her wearing her protective mask as, these days, her patients only see her eyes".

Paul (2020) by Derek M DickPaintings in Hospitals

Paul by Derek M Dick

"It was so difficult to get a sense of the brutality of the working conditions by the wearing all the PPE and also to show the real person behind the mask through just their eyes."

Behind the Mask (2020) by Danielle CoxPaintings in Hospitals

Behind the Mask by Danielle Cox

"Whilst a mask may hide the face, the eyes reveal a personal story of service and sacrifice, for which we must be forever grateful. Thank you to the NHS."

Credits: All media
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