'The Lagoon' by Felicity Hammond

What might happen to our coastal homes in the future?

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Felicity Hammond

The Lagoon - Flooding (2021-04-06) by Felicity Hammond

Rising waters and coastal cities

In this durational 8 minute video collage, artist Felicity Hammond depicts an imaginary coastal city that slowly submerges in water over 80 years.

The Lagoon - Waste (2021) by Felicity Hammond

The landscape, created with approximately 50 photographs of locations around the world that are most at threat of flooding due to climate change, is erased by water until completely submerged.

Felicity Hammond, Photographer

Felicity Hammond

An artist based in London, she completed her MA in Photography at the Royal College of Art in 2014 and has recently completed TECHNE funded research in the Contemporary Art Research Centre at Kingston University on digital representations of the built environment and their relationship with site.

The photographer reveals the process of making her animated video collage

The Lagoon - work in progress view 2 (2021) by Felicity Hammond

The Lagoon - why rising sea levels?

Why did you choose rising sea levels?

"Rather than situating the effects of rising water levels within a particular geographical location, I felt that it was important to acknowledge that these are planetary changes, and should be recognised as such."

The Lagoon - work in progress view 1 (2021) by Felicity Hammond

The Lagoon - behind the scenes

What was your process behind creating the collage?

"To highlight the urgency of climate change data sourced from the WMO Statement on the State of the Global Climate in 2018, I used found photographs to produce a photographic collage that I animated to depict a fictional yet familiar city."

Launch the experiment and explore more digital artworks interpreting climate data.

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