The Story of ARTXV

How two sisters came together to challenge the traditional art world

From Leaf (Two) by Caleb LewisARTXV


ARTXV is the first NFT collective for neurodivergent artists.

ARTXV represents and supports artists around the world as they enter both the fine art and NFT space.

PANDORAMA (2018) by MoontainARTXV

Centred around empowerment, inclusion and celebration...

ARTXV is introducing the world to one of a kind work and powerful stories from the neurodivergent community.

Tara and AvaARTXV

Founded by two sisters from London...

Ava, a computer science student and Tara, an autistic, non-verbal artist, ARTXV’s story began when Ava discovered Tara’s gift for art in the form of an incredible abstract painting, hidden away in her living room.

Koi by Tara, Tara, 2020, From the collection of: ARTXV
Swirl, Tara, 2020, From the collection of: ARTXV
Break Free, Tara, 2020, From the collection of: ARTXV
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Withdrawal by Caleb LewisARTXV

Ava struggled for months...

to get Tara’s work recognised by the traditional art world, being met with dismissive responses as soon as they realised that Tara was autistic.

Allone (2022) by Philip Edgerton (RiiZe23)ARTXV

So they set out to find a new creative space...

one that valued community, embraced change and rejected traditional industries with elitist governing bodies.

Then came Web3 and NFTs.

Burst by Darren HallARTXV

Neurodiversity and Neurodivergence

Neurodiversity is simply neuro-diversity. The diversity of human minds and brain function.

Neurodivergence is brain function that differs to 'the norm'. It is an umbrella term for a number of different disabilities and conditions including autism, ADHD, OCD, BPD and synesthesia.

Explosion by RitikaARTXV

The Neurodiversity Movement

The Neurodiversity Movement refers to the growing movement within the community to change outdated misconceptions of what it means to be neurodivergent; instead of a disadvantage or hindrance, it is simply a diversity (which of course is a powerful and wonderful thing!).

Robbie by Robbie IerubinoARTXV


In short, an NFT is like a serial number for a digital asset (e.g. a digital image, video or mp3).

This serial number makes it a unique digital asset, which is created on the blockchain, a technology which is known for its security, transparency and decentralised model.

Follow our journey at ARTXV as out artists receive the recognition and celebration they deserve - and in turn show the world the power and beauty of neurodiversity.

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