Tune In to the Sun

Take an audio tour of Giuseppe Pelizza Da Volpedo's dazzling painting from La Galleria Nazionale

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Il sole (1904) by Giuseppe Pellizza da VolpedoLa Galleria Nazionale

Il Sole (Detail 1)

Did you ever wait for the sunrise in the open country?

Il Sole (Detail 2)

The glowing sun overwhelms our view, and we can only glimpse at the outlines of a few farmouses and sparse trees.

Il Sole (Detail 3)

The rays break up into the colors of the spectrum. Using short brushtrokes in the Divisionist style, the painter transposes the latest scientific theories of optics onto the canvas

Il Sole (Detail 4)

In those areas not yet reached by the dawn's light, the color is dense, homogenous, dark.

Il Sole (Detail 5)

White light strikes the center. The sun, with its rays of light, gives life to the world around us, and Pelizza Da Volpedo uses threads of color and light to imitate this effect, shaping the elements in the painting.  

Zoom in and explore Il Sole for yourself here

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