Virtual Workshop at the El Brujo Archaeological Complex | Peru

Cultural Exchange and Training for Peruvian professionals

Cynthia Sialer completes photogrammetry at Huaca Cao Viejo by Fundacion WieseCyArk

Preserving Peruvian Heritage

In August 2021 American non-profit CyArk provided a workshop on 3D Documentation for the team of professionals working at the El Brujo Archaeological Complex in Northern Peru. The workshop resulted in new skills related to the documentation of cultural heritage for Peruvian specialists and will also result in a virtual online experience to raise awareness for the cultural heritage of the region. This project was made possible through the generous support of the U.S. Embassy in Peru. 

Fundación Wiese staff collect photogrammetry of the pyramid in Huaca Cao Viejo by Fundación WieseCyArk

Participants completed the 3D documentation of the incredibly well-preserved Huaca Cao Viejo, a 1500 year old pyramid complex built by the Moche civilization.

Fundación Wiese staff attend remote workshop hosted by CyArk by Fundación WieseCyArk

Virtual Workshop 

Training was provided via video conference and trainees were shipped the necessary equipment to use on site. Participants learned how to document historic sites using photogrammetry and process the resulting images to produce 3D models and interactive online experiences. 

El Brujo TrainingCyArk

Participants received a DSLR camera, drone, specialized software and training materials to complete the 3D documentation. These tools will be used on future initiatives to document, conserve and protect the archaeological heritage of Peru.

Fundación Wiese staff collect photogrammetry data of the recinto funerario by Fundación WieseCyArk

3D Digital Documentation

Following the virtual workshop, participants documented the Huaca Cao Viejo temple.  At the end of each work day participants transferred the data back to CyArk staff who reviewed and provided feedback. In total over 5,000 images were taken of the sites. All the images were processed together by the participants to generate accurate 3D models. The resulting data will serve as an inventory of the sites and will also be used to produce an educational virtual tour.

Fundación Wiese staff conduct drone photography of the pyramid in Huaca Cao Viejo by Fundación WieseCyArk

Director of Research, Augusto Bazán Pérez completes aerial photogrammetry with a drone.

Cynthia Sialer collects photogrammetry data by Fundación WieseCyArk

Head of Conservation of Immovable Heritage, Cynthia Sialer completes photogrammetry at the at the ceremonial plaza of the stepped pyramid of Huaca Cao Viejo.

Fundación Wiese staff complete photogrammetry at Huaca Cao Viejo by Fundación WieseCyArk

Archaeologist Jose Alva completes photogrammetry of the ceremonial area with a relief featuring a polychromatic calendar.

Explore the interactive experience of the 3D model which will help raise awareness for the region and promote future tourism activities. Explore the guided tour!.

Open Heritage 3D by CyArkCyArk

3D Data from this project will be made freely available through the Open Heritage 3D digital repository. Download Data.

Huaca Cao Viejo LogosCyArk

This project was made possible through a grant from the US Embassy in Peru and the cooperation of the following partners:

•Fundación Wiese

•El Brujo Archaeological Complex

•Capturing Reality

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