April 3 - April 7: What's New?

The latest additions to Google Arts & Culture


This week marked 100 years of women in the US congress. More than 300 women have served in Congress since the first female member took her seat in 1917. Celebrate their trailblazing lives in this online exhibit from National Women's History Museum.


Contemporary art from across the globe comes to Google Arts & Culture with Imago Mundi. Explore miniature artworks from Algeria, Libya, Montenegro, Portugal, Syria, Sri Lanka, Slovenia and Tunisia, among many others.


The Palazzo Vecchio is one of Florence's most iconic monuments. New online exhibits from the museum take you on a guided tour of some of the building's most impressive rooms and frescoes, for example, the Quarters of the Elements and Quarters of Leo X.


Another version of Hokusai's famous Great Wave (otherwise known as The Great Wave off the Coast of Kanagawa) joins Google Arts & Culture courtesy of Reading Public Museum. It's now reunited online with 6 other versions of one of the most famous and frequently reproduced pieces of art in the world.


Discover São Paulo's contemporary art scene with new sculptures and installations at Cidade Matarazzo.


People have lived, worked and loved on the banks of the River Thames since 1500 BCE. From bronze age bridges to contemporary skyscrapers, London has been a complex and diverse community for thousands of years.

Historic England's new online exhibit I Am London celebrates the capital's unique identity. These Londoners have been photographed at a historic building or place special to them, showing that the city can be inspirational, provocative, frustrating, fun, humbling and home.

Happy exploring!

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