5 June - 9 June: What's New?

The latest on Google Arts & Culture

1. We Wear Culture

This week, 3000 years of fashion history from across the globe came together in the largest virtual showcase of style. The We wear culture project by Google Arts & Culture is a collaboration with over 180 renowned cultural institutions from New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, São Paulo and around the world. Using state-of-the-art technology, the project allows you to explore everything from the ancient Silk Road, through the courtly fashions of Versailles, to British punk and all the stories behind the clothes we wear today. Iconic pieces that changed the way we dress forever, like Marilyn Monroe’s high heels or the Black Dress by Chanel, are brought to life in virtual reality.

Start your journey here.

2. Never-Before-Seen Pictures Of A Hindi Film Legend

In Nutan's Family Albums, an online exhibit made in collaboration with Nutan's son, you can see a new side to this iconic film star of Hindi Cinema's Golden Era. Most of these intimate, personal photographs have never been seen before, and they offer an illuminating glimpse into the star's private life.

3. The Fluxus Artist Obsessed With Frogs

Benjamin Patterson was a musician, artist, and founding member of the Fluxus movement, which emerged in the early 1960s. Frogs hopped into his artistic work at a very early stage and have taken a prominent role ever since then. Fluxus Croak, a new exhibit from Frogs & Friends, explores this image in his work.

4. The Next Big Ballet Stars You Should Know

Meet the latest principal artists from the Australian Ballet in Star Power: a new online exhibit that explores their motivations, inspirations and dreams.

Happy exploring!

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