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Highlights: July 31- Aug 4

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What to Read

The Konzerthaus Berlin in 360
In 1943 a bomb fell on the Karl Friedrich Schinkel-designed building that housed the Konzerthaus Berlin. The interior had to be completely reconstructed and was painstakingly crafted to match the original style. Take a look at every angle of the stunning decor in the concert halls and foyers of the Konzerthaus Berlin.

Traditions of the Tagbanuas
Learn about the culture and traditions of the Tagbuanas, an indigenous group from Palawan in the Phillipines, through this collection of children's tales and artwork by CANVAS.

Women Botanical Artists
These incredibly detailed drawings by female botanical artists in the 1600-1800s show the invaluable impact that women made on science through artwork. Learn about their lives and the techniques they used to so vividly document nature in a time before photography.

The Seventies in Photos
The 70s were a lot more than flares and disco music. This exhibit explores the highs and lows of America in the decade that followed the Swinging Sixties with a series of photographs depicting pollution, fashions, problems and achievements.

Artist of the Week

Edvard Munch
Edvard Munch is a Norwegian painter famous for the psychological themes of his work. Did you know that the artist created four versions of his most famous painting, The Scream, two in pastel and two in paint?

Best of Street View

Explore Villa Arson
Take a tour of this contemporary art hub in the Riviera. Situated on a hill behind Nice, the building is a brutalist-style 20th century heritage site that contains an art school, a library and contemporary art exhibitions.

Featured Project

Made in Japan
This showcase of crafts and traditions tells the story of the rich history of craftmanship in Japan, from Yodeo umbrellas to Kōshū crystal carving.

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