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Highlights: Dec 18 - Dec 22

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What to Read

A History of England's Iconic Places: Faith and Belief

This exhibit from Historic England takes you on a tour of the rich heritage of buildings used for religious worship, including churches, chapels, synagogues, gurdwaras, temples, mandirs and mosques. From St Paul’s Cathedral to Kadampa Temple for World Peace in Cumbria, discover these remarkable sites and the stories behind them.

Happy Birthday, Vogue

This week marked the 125th anniversary of when the very first issue of Vogue US was published, on December 17th in 1892. Check out this exhibit from the Conde Nast Archive that throwsback to when the magazine featured Christian Dior’s “New Look” hourglass silhouette in its April 1947 issue.

Gloria Estefan on Bringing Latin Music to the World

We spoke to Gloria Estefan - the pop legend behind Conga, Dr. Beat, Rhythm is Gonna Get You, and Get On Your Feet - about her influences, the future of Latin music, and what it’s like to make music history.

Sunny Side Up

For half the world, the festive period means woolly jumpers, frozen fingertips and, hopefully, snow. But what about the other half? Discover what Christmas looks like in sunny Australia, with this nostalgic look at December down under in the 1950s and 60s, when their summer was just getting started. Not a scarf in sight!

Artist of the Week

Discover Marina Abramović

Marina Abramović is a performance artist who often explores the relationship between performer and audience with her pieces, such as in The Artist Is Present where she invited spectators to sit across from her and silently maintain eye contact.

Street View Pick

Explore Tikal

Wander round these ruins of an ancient Mayan city in the middle of the Guatemalan rainforest.

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