Highlights: 28 August - 1 September

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What's New

The Real Meaning Behind Taylor Swift’s 🐍
What does Taylor Swift use of emojis have in common with Ancient Mesopotamian stone carving and Christian theology? More than you could ever have possibly imagined, and it’s all to do with snakes.

Rheingau Musik Festival
If you like good wine and good music (and really, who doesn’t), the Rheingau Musik Festival is the place for you. Set in verdant lands and stunning Baroque buildings, the festival attracts some of the biggest names in jazz and classical music.

1947: Through The Looking Lens
It’s 70 years since the partition of the Indian sub-continent by the British led to the creation of Pakistan, an independent state for India’s Muslim population. Discover the story through the lens of a local photographer, F.E Chaudhry, who chronicled the hardships underwent by the millions of displaced refugees caught up in what would be the biggest mass migration in human history.

Meet the Cinematographer Who Changed Films Forever
Unlike directors and producers, cinematographers are very rarely in the spotlight… until now. Check out this piece on James Wong Howe, a first generation Chinese immigrant who fought against prejudice to become one of Hollywood’s most prolific and pioneering cinematographers in the mid 20th century.

Artist of the Week

Discover Kara Walker
Kara Walker is an American contemporary artist renowned for creating provocative work on a monumental scale. Her art – which ranges from black silhouette cut outs to huge sculptures – is fiercely political and engages with historical and current perceptions of race, sexuality and gender.

What to Read

The Creation of the Elbphilharmonie
The inside story into how a feat of modern architecture, the Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg, was built. Explore the construction site from within and see how the completed building fits in with the rest of the cityscape with some stunning panoramic aerial shots.

Discover the Art of Costume Conservation
See the behind-the-scenes secrets of the Costume Institute Conservation Lab with this awe-inspiring 360° video. You can learn how fashion and costume artifacts are kept in pristine condition, from an 18th-century French court suit to a modern creation made from unorthodox materials (think rubber, plastic and bird skulls!)

A Deep Sea Exploration
Set sail with the research vessel SONNE in this immersive virtual voyage to the bottom of the ocean. Discover alien deep sea life and precious metals, and learn all about the ship’s design, maintenance, and the crucial work done by its crew.

Featured Project

Natural History
Catch up with what’s been going on our planet for the last 4.6 billion years. Unearth new insights into dinosaur life through close ups of fossils and keep up to date with the threats facing the world’s most endangered animals. You can also find some incredible exhibits of wildlife photography and discover the ten animals which have “superpowers”

Street View Pick

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York
An awe-inspiring Fifth Avenue landmark designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the iconic corkscrew shape of the Guggenheim contains no carpeting or curtains to make sure visitors aren't distracted from the unbroken wave of art.

Artwork of the Week

A Frida Kahlo Mural
One Argentinian street artist’s quirky tribute to the great Frida Kahlo.

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