March 27 - March 31: What's New?

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Wednesday, March 30, would have been Vincent van Gogh's 164th birthday.

Did you know that van Gogh almost never became a painter? Or that he had a tumultuous bromance with fellow painter Paul Gaugin? Celebrate the remarkable – and tragic – life of this legendary artist with 10 Things You Might Not Know About Vincent van Gogh.

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This week also saw the 149th birthday of the legendary explorer Robert Falcon Scott. Learn about his adventures in the Antarctic in The Journey to the South Pole.


Meet the man behind the Pakistan Day Monument in this new online exhibit from The Citizens Archive of Pakistan.


Veduta della Catena, 'the chain map', by Francesco Petrini and Raffaello Petrini, takes its name from the padlocked chain that frames the image. The painting unlocks 15th Century Florence, showing us how the city would have looked hundreds of years ago.

Take a virtual tour of Florence – then and now – in this new online exhibit from Palazzo Vecchio Museum.

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