Boy Playing the Flute

Judith Leyster, ca. 1630s

Judith Leyster (1609-60) was one of the most remarkable artists of the Dutch Golden Age of Painting in the 17th century. For more than 200 years she remained unknown, and her painting entitled Boy Playing a Flute in the collection of the Nationalmuseum Sweden was long attributed to Frans Hals.

Detail of BOY PLAYING A FLUTE by Judith Leyster, ca. 1630s (Collection: Nationalmuseum Sweden)

She was not recognized as the painting's creator until 1893. Using the zoom viewer, take a closer look at the canvas here. Leyster's monogram, formed by her initials 'J L' and a star, is very well-hidden.

It's located along the upper edge of the wind instrument hanging on the wall. Artists of the time typically added their monogram as a way to sign their pictures.

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Credits: All media
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