Three Artists Celebrate Holi

Street Artist Hanif Kureishi makes a giant Rangoli, while Svabhu Kohli and Viplov Singh illustrate Holi's vibrant traditions

"Holi to me is the festival of friendship and of colors", says street artist Hanif Kureshi, "and I think creating an artwork which could combine friends and colors together would be even better". Art and Holi are a perfect combination – they both celebrate life, bring people together and, of course, focus on color.

For Holi 2017, three artists celebrated the festival with new, exceptionally colorful artworks.

Famous street artist Hanif Kureshi got a group of friends together to cover the streets of Delhi in color. Kureshi made a giant rangoli – a design or traditional motif that is usually made on the floor in, or outside of, your home as a decoration during festivals. Rangoli are thought to bring good luck and prosperity to the home.

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Kureshi's project encouraged the local community to participate. He says, "it's more of a playground than an artwork, where people can come, play, and be a part of it, and by default they become part of the artwork."

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Meanwhile, Svabhu Kohli and Viplov Singh celebrated Holi 2017 with a collection of artworks that illustrate Holi traditions.

Each illustration shows a different aspect of the holiday – from the legend, to the bonfire, to the food – and unlocks the historical and cultural meanings behind these traditions.

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Their surreal, brightly colored artworks draw on the colors of Indian art from history.

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Happy Holi!

Credits: All media
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