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July 3 - July 7: What's New?

The latest on Google Arts & Culture

1) House of George Sand
George Sand is the pseudonym of the French author Amantine Lucile Dupin. She wrote many works dedicated to defending the rights of women, penned memoirs based on her relationship with the composer Chopin, and also started her own newspaper during the 1848 Revolution to publish her political essays. Take a virtual tour of the writer's house (and the place where Chopin composed a large part of his works), her workshop and the beautiful vegetable garden.

2) Places of Science and Discovery
This new exhibit explores places in England that have seen groundbreaking scientific innovation and discovery. Historic England looks at the sites from history that forged the future; from The Jenner Hut, where Dr Edward Jenner discovered the vaccination against smallpox, to Woolsthorpe Manor, where you can find the tree from which Sir Isaac Newton observed an apple fall to the ground under a mysterious force.

3) Contemporary Artists from Oman
Oman:Experiments looks at the way Oman is changing. With a population of around 3 million, over 80% of which are under the age of 30, the country is developing rapidly through education, tourism and contemporary art. This collection of works from Imago Mundi by local artists captures the culture and growth of Oman through paintings of landscapes, portraits of women, and traditional viewpoints

Happy exploring!

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