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Twins may only account for around 3% of natural births, but they’ve had a huge impact on human culture. Often seen as existing partway between this world and the next, they’ve been worshiped as gods and persecuted as witches. Artists, writers, philosophers and scientists have obsessed over the true nature of these dual-beings, meaning that twins have left their mark on everything from ancient myth to modern genetics. So is it double-trouble or twice as nice? Here, Jonathan Openshaw takes a look at some different representations of twins throughout the ages.


Hendra Gunawan is a key figure in Indonesian modern art. Explore his life and work in this new online exhibit from Ciputra Artpreneur.


See World War One through the eyes of a young Californian, Stanley M. Cundiff, in this new online exhibit from the California State Archives. During his two years of active service in the 322nd Field Signal Battalion of the U.S. First and Third Armies, Cundiff became his unit's de facto historian, gathering hundreds of photographs, letters, postcards, maps, and other ephemera documenting the 322nd's time in war-torn France and, subsequently, occupied Germany. After being released back to civilian life in 1919, Cundiff and his first wife Opal compiled these records into a series of photograph albums and scrapbooks. 100 years on, this offers a fascinating glimpse into the real lived experience of the war.

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